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Theta Labs on the Google Cloud blog

A few days ago an article about Theta Labs was published on the official Google Cloud blog

As reported in the article, Theta Labs is a decentralized video streaming platform powered by users and based on a new blockchain. 

In particular, they write: 

“With their peer-to-peer bandwidth sharing distributed ledger technology, Theta Labs has been able to revolutionize the livestream experience”.

Theta Labs Google Cloud

Theta Labs has adopted Google Cloud

Theta Labs has adopted Google Cloud to scale and meet the growing base of active users on its blockchain platform, and has expanded its strategic partnerships to include NASA, for whom it has broadcast the launch of the SpaceX rocket. For this reason, the article was published on the Google Cloud blog.

Theta Labs is a project born in 2016 and has a patented peer-to-peer video technology based on blockchain.

Theta.tv is their video streaming platform that allows users to share their bandwidth with other users, to reach more viewers and offer a wider audience. NASA has seen the potential to reach even younger viewers by offering the platform direct access to its original video feed. 

Moreover, since it is a decentralized platform, and P2P, it offers content creators an alternative way to broadcast their content, since it does not suffer from the limitations imposed for example by YouTube, or the risks of demonetization. 

It should also be said that Theta.tv‘s investors include large companies such as Samsung and Sony, as well as venture capital and investors from Silicon Valley and Hollywood. In particular, it focuses on eSport, featuring streamers like NICKMERCS, Method and FaZe on SLIVER, and live games like Fortnite, League of Legends and CS:GO and others. It also allows users to earn Theta tokens through streaming. 


Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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