Anime arrive on Theta Network and CONtv
Anime arrive on Theta Network and CONtv

Anime arrive on Theta Network and CONtv

By Alfredo de Candia - 18 Sep 2020

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Soon, thanks to a collaboration with Cinedigm’s CONtv, it will be possible to watch anime directly on Theta Network‘s decentralized streaming platform.

This is a giant in the online entertainment industry: Cinedigm has over 20 years of experience in the sector and several million users worldwide to whom it offers its premium content.

For its part, Theta Labs, launched in 2016, has created the first entertainment platform focused on e-sports and has created, a video platform that directly uses the blockchain as the main layer, allowing not only to upload videos in a decentralized way but also to earn tokens automatically.  The platform already boasts millions of users and several dedicated shows.

Considering the young age of the users found on this platform, the introduction of Japanese anime and not only was almost a must.

CONtv on Theta for free

Thus, users will be able to watch their favourite anime in a completely free way. The new channel is already operational here and users can already start earning Theta tokens.

This is a real channel that broadcasts anime 24/7 all year round, as recalled by Cinedigm’s General Manager of Digital Networks, Tony Huidor:

“Cinedigm is bringing our CONtv Anime channel to Theta Network featuring 24/7 anime favorites that anime fans have long desired.  We have seen strong interest in our anime content catalog, so we aim to create a leading outlet for fans of anime content worldwide. The worldwide anime revolution continues to grow and digital streaming services currently lack a broad offering that meets the needs of fans. We are looking to make it available for free for both dedicated fans and casual viewers who are just discovering this leading genre of animation”.

This partnership expands the product offering on this platform, continued the CEO of Theta Labs, Mitch Liu:

“We’re thrilled to add Cinedigm’s CONtv Anime channel to the Theta Network, building on our expanded content strategy. Theta users can enjoy CONtv Anime while they earn TFUEL rewards, creating a unique and engaging viewer experience you can’t get anywhere else”.


Alfredo de Candia

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