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Uncommon Creative: smart working on the Algorand blockchain

Uncommon Creative is a new Italian project based on the Algorand blockchain for smart working.

The problem of freelancers and not only

With the outbreak of the pandemic, the digitization process has accelerated and, especially in Italy, it was still confined to a few people and to certain categories of work that are easily performed from home, for example, the various freelancers working in different sectors such as media, marketing and so on.

One of the problems encountered, both on the freelancer side and on the company/contractor side, is the search for reliable and skilled people, since in all sectors there are talented and less talented people and based on that also the salary is different, since seniors tend to earn more, for example, than juniors.

On the other hand, it is also true that a freelancer should not take the first job they find, since there might be a company or client on the other side who might not pay for the work done.

The solution on Algorand: Uncommon Creative

And this is where Uncommon Creative comes in, an Italian platform, founded by Davide Carboni and Francesco Piras, which uses Algorand‘s blockchain to manage smart contracts.

The platform connects the counterparts and establishes the conditions of the work performance, through smart contracts, locking the funds with an escrow until the work is completed.

In case of problems, a third party will be involved, i.e. an expert who will resolve the dispute by releasing or returning the funds.

It is interesting to note that this project has received funds from Algorand itself, through the Algorand Foundation Grant, to support such an innovative and above all decentralized and blockchain-based platform.

Finally, it is worth mentioning another project, also from Italy, which decided to utilize Algorand’s blockchain: it is PlanetWatch, which stores data on air pollution.


Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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