ArbiSmart Receives Updated, Broader FIU License
ArbiSmart Receives Updated, Broader FIU License

ArbiSmart Receives Updated, Broader FIU License

By Roberta Di Mario - 1 Dec 2020

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ArbiSmart, the EU regulated crypto arbitrage platform has just received a new, more rigorous FIU license, issued by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (License No. FVT000353). The license permits the company to offer overall virtual currency services that include exchanging crypto against both crypto and fiat currencies and vice versa, providing digital wallet services, storage of currencies on behalf of a client for a certain period of time for subsequent exchange to other currencies and offering additional services.

Now, FIU license holders are subject to even stricter consumer protection measures and security protocols than ever. ArbiSmart users can invest in the knowledge that the company is operating to the highest standards and has a secure, functional platform and software. The upgraded FIU license also requires ArbiSmart to have adequate capital to operate, separate company and client bank accounts, full client capital protection and the guarantee that not only clients, but also the higher management to have money invested in the company. 

The new license is also broader in scope enabling ArbiSmart to expand its products and services.  As a result, in 2021, the company will be launching its fully FIU licensed interest-bearing crypto wallet, which will offer unparalleled rates reaching up to 45% a year, depending on the account currency, the amount deposited and the savings account type.  Instead of just leaving their fiat or cryptocurrency to sit idle in a bank account or regular crypto wallet, the ArbiSmart wallet will allow crypto or fiat currency holders to put their savings to work, earning an exceptional passive income. 

In addition, clients can look forward to ArbiSmart issued debit cards, which will allow them to spend directly from their ArbiSmart account, as well as  IBAN numbers that can be allocated to a client’s account, as the company starts adding digital banking to its growing portfolio of online financial products and services. 

Mike Meyers, ArbiSmart’s CEO noted

“The security of our platform is our top priority and we are excited to be setting the bar even higher for trust and transparency in the crypto investing space, with our new FIU license. In addition, the expanded scope of the new license will allow us to provide a range of valuable new financial services to our clients. In this way we are one step closer to achieving the goal of mass-adoption of digital banking for cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.” 

About ArbiSmart

ArbiSmart is a sophisticated algorithm designed to almost eliminate risks. It generates unmatched profits, with interest rates of up to 45%, automatically buying low on one cryptocurrency exchange and then selling at the highest available price on another. 

ArbiSmart’s technology takes advantage of crypto arbitrage opportunities the instant they arise, while a dedicated team of crypto-market professionals offers expert, 24-hour support, via multiple channels.

Roberta Di Mario

Roberta Di Mario, born in Rome in 1993, is a university student. After obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Business Management, she is currently studying a Master's Degree in Management and Finance.

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