Crowdbond coming soon, allowing Minibonds certified on the blockchain
Crowdbond coming soon, allowing Minibonds certified on the blockchain

Crowdbond coming soon, allowing Minibonds certified on the blockchain

By Marco Cavicchioli - 2 Dec 2020

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OpStart, in collaboration with Notarify, launches Crowdbond to certify Bonds and Minibonds on blockchain. 

OpStart is an Italian company that specialises in crowdfunding, while Notarify is a portal used for document certification and signature with a proven identity. 

Crowdbond is OpStart’s new Debt Crowdfunding portal, thanks to which it is possible to issue Minibonds certified on the blockchain, as an alternative to Monte Titoli, through a decentralized service that reduces costs and makes data more efficient, transparent, immutable and potentially permanent. 

In this way Italian SMEs can issue Bonds, Minibonds, debt securities and financial bills to diversify their sources of debt, overcoming their dependence on banking institutions, and raise capital from professional investors and particular categories of retail investors.

The first issuance will be that of ARC Real Estate SPA, an independent info-provider and special servicer, followed by that of con Fenice SPA, which will thus be the first Italian company to use a system of digitalisation of securities with certification of authenticity on the blockchain.

Crowdbond is also the specialized division of Crowdbase, Opstart’s multi-platform fintech, which aims to introduce new solutions to provide capital to the real economy through the use of advanced technologies. 

Companies that decide to raise capital on Crowdbond will be analyzed by Easyfintech, which will carry out an in-depth assessment of their creditworthiness and financial sustainability, producing a final report that will be made available to Opstart’s advisory board and resolution committee, which will then have to approve the raising campaign for that specific bond issuance.

The founder and CEO of Opstart, Giovanpaolo Arioldi, said: 

“Crowdbase was born from Opstart’s experience in the world of Equity Crowdfunding, to expand and specialize also in the world of Private Debt Crowdfunding. Crowdbond is the only Debt Crowdfunding portal that provides investors with a monitoring service for the issuing company. Thanks to the collaboration with our partner Easyfintech, for the entire duration of the issuance, on a half-yearly basis, we send investors a complete report in which information about the company is updated and any relevant changes or events affecting the issuer are reported daily”. 

The issuance that will be carried out for Fenice SPA Società Benefit, an independent and specialized company that mainly invests in renewable energies, will include a system of digitization of the bonds through blockchain authenticity certifications. 

The CEO of Notarify, Federico Monti, said: 

“Since the very beginning, our company has declared its ambition to innovate the economy and finance through decentralized services, alternative to those traditionally provided by institutional entities: today, December 1st, 2020, we take a new, important step in this direction, becoming suppliers of a system of public interest that allows validating, with a certain date and guarantee of immutability, a digital document, making it unique and authoritative, without the need for a guarantor authority. This is achieved thanks to the infallible and incorruptible power of blockchain technology. Notarify, in fact, uses the three most performing decentralized ledgers in the world (Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS), coupled with Artificial Intelligence and biometric recognition technologies, to guarantee the identity of the signatories. We are happy to be able to contribute to the realization of a project that brings efficiency, simplicity and security to the highest levels for the benefit of individuals and companies, large or small, with special attention to the sustainability guaranteed by the total digitization of all processes”. 

Marco Cavicchioli

Born in 1975, Marco has been the first to talk about Bitcoin on YouTube in Italy. He founded and the Facebook group" Bitcoin Italia (open and without scam) ".

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