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223 thousand dollars for the NFT of the F1 Monaco circuit

The NFT (Non-Fungible Token) of the Monaco track, part of the F1 Delta Time game, was sold for $223,000, as recalled by Animoca Brands company on social media:

F1 Delta Time is an asset of Animoca Brands, and as can be deduced from the title, it concerns Formula 1 and the related championship with both the fastest cars in the category and the drivers of the cars.

It goes beyond the simple management of the fastest cars in a ranking, it also includes NFTs of tracks where these races are held, all digitally and with the REVV tokens up for grabs.

In fact, the operation also includes a token staking system. Cars and drivers can be staked in exchange for REVV tokens.

The NFT of the F1 Monaco circuit

The NFT of the GRAND PRIX DE MONACO (“Monaco Grand Prix”), which takes place in Monte Carlo in the Principality of Monaco, was sold for $223,000, i.e. 9 million REVV tokens. The winner will be entitled to 5% of all REVV tokens interacting with that track.

Surely this is a very high figure and that also surpasses the sale of some cars previously auctioned and that have marked really important figures (over 415 ETH), showing that this kind of digital object is very valuable.

It is worth mentioning that Animoca Brands has other assets and other categories such as MotoGP. In the future, there will be similar figures for that type of NFT as well.

As if that weren’t enough, the Atari console is also coming soon, with which Animoca Brands has entered into a partnership, allowing users to play the various blockchain games directly with a console.

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