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John McAfee: illegal detention is debilitating him

John McAfee’s wife reported that illegal detention is debilitating him

She posted on his official Twitter profile a videoconference she had with her husband’s lawyers, in which she reported that the deadline for extradition to the US would have expired weeks ago, but that under Spanish law he could be held in jail for up to two years

John McAfee was arrested in Spain in early October, and is awaiting extradition to the United States where he is facing charges of tax fraud and tax evasion

His wife Janice reports that her husband would like to be able to prepare his defence together with his American lawyers, and this is not possible from the Spanish prison. 

The illegal detention of John McAfee

For this reason, she considers his detention in Spain illegal, and also reports that it is debilitating him considerably. 

Janice says her husband’s health has deteriorated rapidly in prison, so much so that he has lost 15 kilos of weight and has internal problems that the prison doctors were unable to treat properly. 

She also says there may be alternative solutions that could allow McAfee to attend court hearings, such as revoking his passport, using an electronic bracelet to monitor his movements or house arrest. 

In other words, Janice requests that McAfee be extradited to the US to be treated and given the opportunity to attend US court hearings in his case. 

Then she adds:

“I’m not asking for special treatment for him from the Spanish authorities, I am simply asking them not to condemn my husband to die in their prison while awaiting the conclusion of the extradition process”. 

Janice is therefore concerned about her husband’s health and would like to be able to have him properly treated, believing that the Spanish prison where he is being held is not doing everything possible to prevent further deterioration of his condition. 

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Marco Cavicchioli
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