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Fast Private Jet, flights for 2 million euros paid in cryptocurrencies

In 2020 Fast Private Jet operated transactions for 2 million euros in cryptocurrencies. Such is the figure behind the success of the private flight company that last year decided to open up to the crypto market, signing a partnership with The Cryptonomist.

It was March 2020, and Fast Private Jet decided to open up to the cryptocurrency market by accepting payments in:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash,
  • Ethereum,
  • XRP.

This was also the company‘s response to the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak. In fact, since March, many domestic and international flights have been cancelled. This has generated a sharp increase in requests to use private flights. To facilitate payment systems, Fast Private Jet decided to open up to cryptocurrencies, a choice that the company is now more than satisfied with. 

Not only has it operated flights as a result of crypto transactions for 2 million euros, but it has also secured the recognition of the BitPay platform with the Tier 4 level, which gives the possibility to perform unlimited transactions in cryptocurrencies. 

Fast Private Jet in cryptocurrencies and sports

2020 for Fast Private Jet, net of the pandemic crisis, was therefore an exceptional year that saw it enter not only the world of cryptocurrencies but also the world of sports.

With the resumption of the Italian Serie A and Serie B championships, Fast Private Jet has signed partnerships with some of the leading teams in the top Italian leagues.

The first was Parma, followed by Spal and Benevento, and last but not least Spezia Calcio. Thanks to the agreements signed on each occasion, Fast Private Jet has been able to transport the teams during visiting matches. 

Fast Private Jet also aims to offer its customers a service worthy of Italian excellence, including food. This is the reason for the partnership with Calvisius, an Italian brand known for the production of top-quality caviar. 

Plans for 2021

2021 promises to be an equally interesting year for Fast Private Jet. A year in which it will even be able to expand its range of cryptocurrencies included in its payment systems. CEO Mauro De Rosa explains in this regard: 

“We are certain that, in the coming years, cryptocurrencies will be the only currencies of exchange. In the era of technological progress such as the current one, where there is a predominant daily search for optimization of the little time available, business activities are turning towards an increasingly virtual dimension gradually abandoning their physicality. Therefore, it is strategic for us to be the first at an international level in the number of transactions carried out through the use of cryptocurrencies as a method of payment for the rental or purchase of a private aircraft”.

Fast Private Jet wants to excel in two aspects: quantity and quality of service offered. The CEO adds: 

“In view of a broader project, which is part of a corporate strategy that aims to establish Fast Private Jet as a company rooted in the Italian territory but with an international vocation, as evidence of the foresight of the Company, it was only logical to choose the use of these innovative virtual currencies, whose success in the near future is now tangible. Fast Private Jet’s objective is to become a leader in the national and European market in the private jet rental service, offering the best quality before, during and after the flight. The presence of our support, offering customers a 360° service, unique and exclusive, allows us to convey our company and our commitment to a wide audience to demonstrate that we are always in step with the times”.


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