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Trezor, a luxury hardware wallet: the CORAZON Aluminium

Trezor embraces the luxury with Gray and launches the CORAZON Aluminium hardware wallet, combining elegant design and security with quality materials and variable colours. 

Gray is a Singapore-based luxury brand known for its futuristic design products. Together with SatoshiLabs (the creators of Trezor) it will bring to market CORAZON, the aluminium hardware wallet.

CORAZON will be built on the same technology as the Trezor Model T. It will be a hardware wallet capable of supporting 1,500 different cryptocurrencies

Thanks to the composition of the materials, the device is incredibly strong yet lightweight. 

The Trezor CORAZON Aluminium variants

Trezor CORAZON wallets are currently available in aluminium in four colours:

  • Space gray,
  • Galactic blue,
  • Pulsar red
  • Galactic purple

All at a price of $599. 

For the more discerning there is a version with titanium colours. Costs go up from $999 for the Titanium version, $1,499 for the Stealth Titanium, up to $1,999 for the Gold and Rose Gold Titanium versions.

On the official website, it is possible to see colours, prices and variants, exploring the fantastic world of Gray, famous for producing luxury accessories also for iPhone, Samsung and MacBook. 

The Trezor Model T, from which CORAZON takes its inspiration, is one of SatoshiLabs’ most successful models. With a 0.83-inch, colour, touchscreen display, it is considered by users to be very easy to use due to the fact that it can be connected to both mobile phones and computers. 

Why choose a hardware wallet

Hardware wallets such as Trezor are considered extremely secure because they are “offline”, i.e. not connected to the network. This makes them extremely difficult to hack. It is no coincidence that in 2019 alone this market was worth something like 180 million and in 2025 it could be worth over 600 million dollars.

However, users must take extreme care to store their seed properly, otherwise, they will lose the funds contained in the wallet.

Users who want to feel safe can put their cryptocurrencies in a hardware wallet. And if they also want something with class and style, CORAZON is the right device for them. 

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