Wisdom announces its upcoming not-to-be-missed Blockchain event
Wisdom announces its upcoming not-to-be-missed Blockchain event

Wisdom announces its upcoming not-to-be-missed Blockchain event

By Crypto Advertising - 10 Mar 2021

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Through a series of top-level presentations, interactive panel discussions, and solution-based case studies the Blockchain Finance Forum: Europe 2021 will explore the effects that this new disruptive technology has on the European financial sector, and at the same time showcase the best practices and models to recognize and seize the opportunities to generate new revenue, deliver process efficiency, improve end-user experience and reduce risk in business operations that come with it.

The Forum will count on 20+ expert speakers from well-known organisations like the European Commission, Swiss National Bank, European Banking Federation, the British Blockchain Association, European Blockchain Partnership, AXA Investment Managers, Deutsche Bank, Aviva and many more

Benefits of joining

 – Participants will meet the market leading companies, and listen to their best-practice examples and case studies on blockchain technology supporting the financial sector

 – Engaging speakers: blockchain experts, cryptocurrency leaders, solution providers and startup founders who think outside of the box and can offer exciting new ideas

 – To learn how companies with the help of blockchain can enable faster and more transparent payments, reduce the KYC and onboarding costs, improve operational efficiency and achieve automated regulatory compliance

 – To uncover new products and technology and explore new market opportunities

 – To gain a competitive advantage in a rapidly changing business environment

 – Participants will join a unique platform to share know-how among industry peers and grow their professional network

Key topics

 – Tokenization of digital assets

 – Reduce KYC and onboarding costs with the use of DLT

 – Blockchain to enable faster and more transparent payments

 – Stablecoins and CBDCs changing the landscape

 – Crypto ecosystem business opportunities – how to ensure true interoperability

 – Blockchain platforms revolutionizing the insurance industry

The Blockchain Finance Forum: Europe 2021 will be delivered through an advanced networking tool. Visit the official website of the event to know more. 

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