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The first NFTs arrive on the Cardano mainnet: CardanoKidz

Cardano’s growth continues, also thanks to the launch of Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs, including those of CardanoKidz. After the sold-out pre-sales of the previous series (S1) and (S2), the sale of series 3 is now underway

“Exciting update! We have minted and are now sending Kidz TEST NFTs on the #Cardano MAIN NET to all Pre-Sale buyers! These Assets can be viewed in Daedalus FLIGHT. For now, to view the image you’ll have to copy info from the token metadata and view on the IPFS Explorer.#NFTs.”

The excitement stems from Cardano’s recent Mary update which allows native tokens to be created on the main network, including the famous NFTs.

CardanoKidz: how to buy NFTs on Cardano

Series 3 of the CardanoKidz, available for sale today only until 12:00 UTC, includes 10 NFTs with card numbers ranging from 21 to 30. The cost is 350 ADA per set. All information on how to proceed with the purchase can be found on the official website

The first NFTs on the Cardano mainnet are certainly not the only official news concerning the fifth largest crypto by market capitalization. 

Cardano in expansion: the addition on Bloomberg Terminal

Professional trader platform Bloomberg Terminal has added Cardano, exposing ADA to a wave of new investors. 

Nevertheless, at the time of the news, ADA’s price is following the general trend of cryptocurrencies, which has been bearish for the past two days. Yet it remains in the fifth position by market cap. 

In fact, the enormous growth of Cardano (ADA) since the beginning of the year to date is reflected in a price increase from 0.18 cents to 1.02, which includes the decline of recent weeks. 

This increase is due to the continued mass adoption of the ADA project, which has also seen its records on social media. In fact, at the beginning of March alone, Cardano had received the largest number of posts, news and likes with 36% of shares.

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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