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Great interest for Paypolitan and the EPAN token


Interest around Paypolitan and its EPAN token is starting to build, with institutional investors getting involved in the project. 

In fact, the EPAN token is set to grow, so it is normal that, even before the launch conference, interest in this project is already high. 

EPAN already has a total valuation of $16 million, and is currently listed on Uniswap, Bitforex and Bilaxy, and will soon be listed on PancakeSwap, where it will gain liquidity, and Kraken.

This token landed on the crypto markets in November last year, at a price of around $0.3, but now its price has already more than tripled, as it is worth $1. 

The fact is that since it is a token that bridges the gap between traditional finance and decentralized finance (DeFi), there are already several investors from traditional finance interested in investing in EPAN.

In addition, next week the app will finally be released, both for Android and iOS, bringing together fiat, crypto and DeFi, through a traditional bank account and more DeFi services, all in one app.

The Paypolitan app: from bank account to EPAN token staking 

Paypolitan’s all-in-one payment solution combines traditional financial services with those of decentralized finance, in particular offering mobile payments in both fiat and cryptocurrencies, plus a yield farming programme. 

This way, with a single app, users get a cryptocurrency wallet, a bank account, an app for both crypto and fiat payments, a yield farming service, as well as the staking of the EPAN governance token. 

After downloading the app you will be able to link your bank accounts via IBAN, make payments to anyone, anywhere, in both fiat currency and cryptocurrencies, lock cash into Paypolitan Savings to earn interest, receive EPAN tokens for your transactional activity and liquidity provision, and earn EPAN through staking and HODLing. 

Payment costs are reduced through direct IBAN transfers, and the distribution of governance tokens is managed algorithmically for transactional activity and liquidity provision. In addition, payments are very easy, within one click, and the user experience is excellent thanks to SCA (Strong Customer Authentication). 

The team promises that big news and strategic partners will be announced in the coming weeks

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