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Revolut: data on Italians on holiday

The fintech company Revolut has revealed data on Italians’ preferences when it comes to holidays.

According to the report, 39% of Italians have decided to change their holiday plans due to Covid-19, while 63% are still planning to travel abroad in the coming months.

The survey was conducted on about 12,000 people in more than 10 countries, including more than 1000 in Italy.

Where do Italians want to travel?

62% would like to travel overseas as soon as possible, but 16% say they will only travel in Italy until the end of the pandemic. Looking at other countries, this specific figure varies from 6% of respondents in France to 46% in Japan.

There is no doubt that the current pandemic is having an impact on the way people travel. In fact, 39% of Italians admit that they will travel differently this year because of the coronavirus. 53% of Australian respondents and 50% of Spanish respondents also share this view.

45% of Italian respondents said they would use a car or other private means of transport to limit the risk of Covid-19 infection when reaching their travel destination. 60% of Lithuanian respondents and 59% of Portuguese respondents stated the same. On the other hand, 19% of respondents said they would use public transport, but admitted to being concerned about the pandemic.

Regarding payment methods, 82% of Italian respondents say they prefer to use their card or phone to pay and 43% say the main reason for doing so is to avoid touching cash.

In terms of personal safety, 46% of Italian respondents said that the good state of the healthcare system is a key consideration when choosing a travel destination. On the other hand, 30% said that they would consider it, but could still travel to some places even if the health care was not good. Only 13% admitted that they would not consider this factor before booking a trip.

Immune pass preferences

Italians seem to be the most confident in Europe about the immune pass – or green pass – with 75% of respondents hoping to get theirs very soon. Only Singapore has a higher figure with 88% of respondents saying the same. 60% of Italian respondents also think it is a good tool to allow people to travel safely while 19% see the project as a risk of discrimination. 

20% do not yet have a clear opinion.

Staying in hotels that meet safety requirements is the preferred choice of 57% of Italians, followed by 27% who said they would prefer a flat or accommodation (i.e. without strangers around) and 12% who said they would choose to stay in the home of family or friends.

As a possible consequence of the travel restrictions of recent months, more than a third of respondents plan to travel several times by taking short breaks or long weekends, while 25% said they would take a long holiday plus some weekends. Only 13% of respondents plan to travel only once in the coming months.

Thinking about the type of holiday Italians are planning for this year, 19% of respondents said they would choose the sea, followed by family holidays (13%). Only 5% of respondents said they would be planning a “party holiday”, which is low and understandable given the current restrictions, but seems to be less of a concern for Swedes and French as 16% and 11% of respondents respectively said they would be planning just that.

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