2 ETH prizes at the first NFTs Expo set in a videogame by The Nemesis
2 ETH prizes at the first NFTs Expo set in a videogame by The Nemesis

2 ETH prizes at the first NFTs Expo set in a videogame by The Nemesis

By Crypto Advertising - 28 May 2021

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May 2021 – The Nemesis is getting ready to host their very first NFTs Expo, an event that has already generated a lot of buzz in the blockchain and art communities alike. Users will have the opportunity to fully explore the engaging and highly detailed virtual world created by The Nemesis. In addition to that, they’ll be able to attend speaking events and join live streaming pales from international speakers. Unlike other live streaming events, The NFTs Expo is going to allow users to gain a different perspective, becoming virtual players in a gamified world and also interact with other users, “wearing” their personal avatars!

The Nemesis also announced a speed hunt challenge for attendees. This unique competition involves an exciting game, in which users need to beat others by completing the task faster than any other player. Attendees and ticket holders can join the contest-free of charge, although pre-registration is required. The process couldn’t be any easier: pre-registration only requires users to input their email address at the following link: https://nftexpo.thenemesis.io/

In addition to that, artists can also join a special happening dubbed “NFTs Race.” They can purchase a special NFTs in order to participate and enjoy the chance of exposing their works to a huge and influential crowd! They’ll also have the chance of winning one of the two ETHs offered as a prize; participants will also have the amazing opportunity to get discovered and seen by a huge international audience, including many industry-related connections that will attend the Expo on the 3rd and 4th of June. Artists will have the possibility to exhibit their NFT artworks within the Expo’s virtual gallery. After purchasing the NFT linked below, artists will need to pick one of their works to showcase. In addition to that, they’ll be required to complete a very simple form, which will help the organization gather some additional information and details. In order to win, an artist needs to score the highest number of votes, and the best part is, they can also invite their fans and followers in order to help out with voting! Artist participation NFT link: https://nftexpo.thenemesis.io/EN/ct/OQ/Artist

The metaverse that will host NFT Expo will be embellished with incredible artworks and the special presence of Jonny Boy, the famous character of the international artist Giovanni Motta. But NFT does not just mean art: NFTs have many fields of application, gaming is one of them, as demonstrated by Crypto Heroes by Noku, one of the sponsors of the event, which is preparing to be the richest and most fun virtual conference of the year!

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