NFTs Expo on The Nemesis: everything’s good to go!
NFTs Expo on The Nemesis: everything’s good to go!

NFTs Expo on The Nemesis: everything’s good to go!

By Crypto Advertising - 2 Jun 2021

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The NFTs Expo hosted by The Nemesis is a live streaming event featuring international guests. The event will provide a 360-degrees view of the world of NFTs, touching on areas as diverse as technology, businesses, uses, risks, opportunities, and many other topics. Joining is incredibly easy. Users only need to download the mobile app through iOS or Android. The app is fun and easy to use, offering a “one hand” navigation mode for maximum flexibility. In addition to that, desktop navigation through Chrome or Firefox is also available via the following link:

As soon as they enter The Nemesis’ world, users will be able to pick avatars and explore a wonderful virtual world inspired by Dubai’s world-famous expo, with an extra special touch that stems from a collaboration with celebrated artists Giovanni Motta. Throughout the span of 2 days, the NFTs expo will allow people to enjoy the various live-streamed event, even as a guest. You’ll find the full schedule right here.

Anyone can access in guest mode, but registering an account is recommended in order to enjoy the full experience and take advantage of all the interactive features of the gamified platform. In addition to that, registering is the best way to interact with speakers and other participants while also participate in an exclusive speed hunt challenge, as well as voting for their favorite crypto artworks.

People who love challenges can try the aforementioned speed hunt, aiming to find various items hidden through the virtual world as quickly as possible. The speed hunt winner and the most voted artist will receive 2 ETHs, with a value of over 5.000 USD. Voting is simple: it’s all about getting closer to one’s favorite artwork and leave alike!

Thousands of people from all over the world are going to attend this incredibly unique event on The Nemesis, which combines video games, social media, entertainment, and information in a single platform. It’s easy to use and open to all the people who are interested in NFTs, even if they are not crypto users.

One of The Nemesis’ strengths is that it is not (yet) a blockchain-based platform. According to CEO Alessandro De Grandi, this is a strategic choice to address the mass market.

Don’t miss out on the event, which will take place on the third and fourth of June, in collaboration with The Cryptonomist and with the support of Crypto Heroes by Noku and many other projects and professionals in this sector.

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