Roberto Baggio rich with Bitcoin Profit: the fake news
Roberto Baggio rich with Bitcoin Profit: the fake news

Roberto Baggio rich with Bitcoin Profit: the fake news

By Eleonora Spagnolo - 17 Jun 2021

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Roberto Baggio invested in Bitcoin Profit and became rich: this is the umpteenth fake news that is circulating on the web in these hours. 

A false article bearing the logo of Caffeina Magazine (an online newspaper duly registered, but unrelated to the story told) headlines in huge letters: 

“Roberto Baggio’s latest investment has left the experts speechless and frightened the banks”.

It’s something we’ve seen before. In fact, there are many similar fake articles circulating which feature famous people who have become “rich” with automatic Bitcoin trading platforms. They are called Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Secret, Bitcoin Era and so on, but the way they work is always the same, and the method of attracting new customers is also the same.  

It all starts with an article created on a page that has all the appearance of an authoritative newspaper. This time the article by Roberto Baggio bears the logo of Caffeina Magazine, but it’s enough to read the URL to realize that it’s not on Caffeina Magazine. On the contrary, in the case uncovered by The Cryptonomist, the URL refers to a Worldnews Site, and the home page reveals that the site has just been created. 

Roberto Baggio and Bitcoin Profit

Returning to the article, it is reported that Roberto Baggio was interviewed on the TV programme ‘L’Aria Che Tira’, with host Myrta Merlino. Here the former footballer confessed the method by which he got rich

He claims to have used an automatic trading platform called Bitcoin Profitto. He even showed the studio his mobile phone with the app open to reveal his incredible earnings.

In reality, Roberto Baggio has never been on L’Aria Che Tira. This kind of fake article is an old one, it was already circulating last year, but probably someone thought to repropose it given the popularity of Roberto Baggio. In fact, the former footballer is back in the news for a film dedicated to him, recently released on Netflix. 

But the article in question is also very up-to-date, so much so that in the end, after reporting the testimonials of people who have become rich with Bitcoin Profit, it concludes by saying that the places available on Bitcoin Profit as of today, 17 June 2021, are almost sold out. This is a marketing technique that aims to rush a customer to make a purchase.

In this case, the goal is to get the unfortunate person to sign up on the platform, which is quite similar to others that have been analyzed before. 

This one is called Bitcoin Profitto Rome to be precise. Like the others, it promises to anticipate the market trend by 0.01 seconds and this advantage allows it to make the right investments. The operation is similar: It starts with a minimum deposit of 250 euros, the rest is done by the platform. As usual, there is no blockchain or exchange used. But Bitcoin Profitto Rome boasts of being recognised as the best software in the world by the IT Trading Association. A quick browse around the web reveals no association with this name

The site is also teeming with testimonials from those who have succeeded, those who have even quit their jobs to make money with Bitcoin Profitto Rome.

Obviously, the reliability of earnings is all to be verified, but one piece of advice remains valid: always be wary of those who promise easy money in a short time. It is almost always a lie. 


Eleonora Spagnolo

Journalist passionate about the web and the digital world. She graduated with honours in Multimedia Publishing at the University La Sapienza in Rome and completed a master's degree in Web and Social Media Marketing.

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