Double Your Wealth Using this Coin
Double Your Wealth Using this Coin

Double Your Wealth Using this Coin

By Crypto Advertising - 20 Jun 2021

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So far, 2021 has been anything but predictable, when it comes to the digital currency market. Prices soared to new all-time highs, then plunged rapidly, with some coins losing as much as 50% of their value. While there have been some indications of a recovery, the only constant for crypto investors has been the high level of volatility.

However, there is one coin that is getting a lot of hype right now, in the wake of the crypto crash and it has already quadrupled in value. RBIS is the native token of ArbiSmart, a project that guarantees a steady monthly profit, whatever the market trajectory, without leaving your capital vulnerable to losses from sudden crypto price fluctuations.

The ArbiSmart System

ArbiSmart is an EU licensed and regulated crypto arbitrage platform. The way it works is by using an algorithmic trading system to take advantage of temporary price inefficiencies- intervals during which a coin is briefly available on a number of exchanges at different prices, at once. Connected to 35 exchanges, which it monitors around the clock, ArbiSmart’s system buys the coin at the lowest possible price, then sells it on the exchange where the price is highest to generate a profit, before the inefficiency resolves itself.

The primary advantage is the minimized risk, since yields are not dependent on the markets moving in one direction or the other. Whether it is a bull or bear trend, crypto arbitrage opportunities occur with the same regularity and continue to provide a reliable revenue.

This makes ArbiSmart a great hedge against a collapsing market. In the recent crash many investors joined the platform to protect their BTC and ETH from a drop in value, leading to a steady rise in the price of the RBIS token.

The Revenues

Once you’ve signed up with ArbiSmart and deposited fiat or crypto, your part is done. The automated system then takes over, converting your funds into RBIS and using them to generate passive profits from crypto arbitrage. A profit table shows, ahead of time, how much you can expect to make on a monthly and annually basis, ranging from 10.8% to 45% a year, depending on the size of your investment.

Compound interest supplements your crypto arbitrage profits, and you can also earn substantial capital gains from the rising price of the token. RBIS has already gone up in value by more than 400% in the two years since it was introduced and is projected to go up by 4,000% by 2023!

So, what is behind this exceptionally positive projection?

RBIS Value Drivers

One of the main reasons for the bright forecast is ArbiSmart’s impressive year on year growth. In 2020, the company grew by 150% and client acquisition took off in the first half of 2021, with token demand soaring, even as the crypto prices crashed.

Another contributing factor is the heavy development schedule for Q3 and Q4 of 2021, which includes major server and infrastructure upgrades as well as the launch of new RBIS utilities, such as the upcoming wallet for fiat and crypto, which will offer interest rates of up to 45% a year. The development roadmap also includes a series of additional products and services, which will be ready for release in the first half of 2022, including a mobile app, a crypto credit card and a yield farming program.

Analysts’ confidence in RBIS also stems from the fact that it is going to be listed in Q4 of 2021, which will push up the token value. Anyone wanting to use the ArbiSmart platform will need to buy the coin on an exchange and RBIS holders will have zero incentive to sell, as they will be making long term profits from crypto arbitrage and from the growing value of the token. Since the amount of RBIS that can ever be created is limited to 450 million, as demand rises the supply will keep falling, further driving up the price.

The Opportunity

The buzz around the RBIS token is only getting louder and in the coming months, the price is set to climb steeply as it becomes tradable on exchanges and new utilities are introduced. Converting your BTC and ETH into RBIS is a great way to hedge against another crypto crash, and earn a steady, consistent source of revenue in a volatile market.

Want to beat the crowd? Purchase RBIS now.

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