Non-Fungible Bible NFB: the first NFT book on the blockchain
Non-Fungible Bible NFB: the first NFT book on the blockchain

Non-Fungible Bible NFB: the first NFT book on the blockchain

By Stefania Stimolo - 23 Jun 2021

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While NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are the digital representation of works of art, the Non-Fungible Bible (NFB) is that work that could collect them in the first NFT book created on the blockchain.

Here is the new project, launched early this April 2021: 

The book will contain up to 512 pages that will contain 1024 unique user-generated pieces of art, each represented by an NFT called Bible that can be traded or redeemed for a physical copy of the book.

But first things first, in order to start collecting artwork from artist users, the Non-Fungible Bible has given birth to its native ERC-20 token: PAGE. 

Starting on Monday 21 June until Thursday 24 June 2021 at 5 PM UTC, PAGE is available for booking in the form of a Dutch auction, starting at 2 ETH and going down to 0.2 ETH. 

Just earlier this week, in fact, the project had announced the start of the auction, which is taking place on the SushiSwap platform: 

“The team is happy to announce the updated details of our PAGE sale which will take place on SushiSwap’s SUSHI MISO platform on 21 June at 5:00PM UTC”.

Still ongoing until tomorrow, according to the description, the PAGE sale aims to distribute a total of as many as 970 PAGE, of which 30 PAGE will be added as liquidity. 

Non-Fungible Bible and the 2 PAGE and BIBLE tokens: how it works

In essence, the ERC-20 PAGE token would represent a page of the book on which to place their NFT ART. In fact, the project emphasises that it is not possible to buy fractions of PAGE, but a whole token precisely because it represents the page of the book.

The new Non-Fungible Bible would be an opportunity for artists who have already been in the digital world for some time, thanks to NFT ART, to promote themselves as part of a collective and not as individuals. 

But the project is only in its initial phase! A full two months after the complete sale of PAGE, which would secure reserved seats in the NFBible, the final NFT or ERC721 token called BIBLE will come into play. 

In practice, the artist who has deposited his 1 PAGE with his art will see his token locked and then receive his BIBLE token in return.

The BIBLE token can then be traded on the open market and will also be redeemable for a physical copy of the NFB when the book is printed. If the user decides to redeem the physical copy of the book, their BIBLE will be burned. 

The world of NFT continues to expand like wildfire. Recently, even the famous Italian football team, Juventus, announced their presence in the world of Non-Fungible Tokens. 

Stefania Stimolo

Graduated in Marketing and Communication, Stefania is an explorer of innovative opportunities. She started out as a Sales Assistant for e-commerce, and in 2016 she began to develop a passion for the digital world, initially in the Network Marketing sector, where she discovered and became passionate about the ideals behind Bitcoin and Blockchain technology, which lead her to work as a copywriter and translator for ICO projects and blogs, and organize introductory courses.

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