Arbismart now allows a buyback for the RBIS token
Arbismart now allows a buyback for the RBIS token

Arbismart now allows a buyback for the RBIS token

By Thuy Dung - 30 Jun 2021

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Arbismart today announced a new feature, allowing clients to claim a buyback for the RBIS token.

After the registration, users had to agree they can only be exchanged once the token has been listed.  However, Arbismart decided to provide as many choices and opportunities as possible, particularly in light of the global hardship created by the COVID-19 crisis, so they are now adding to the platform the option to sell a part of RBIS tokens back to ArbiSmart at the token’s live market value. 

If users joined the platform in 2019, when the token was launched, RBIS will have quadrupled in value. 

In any case, the RBIS – the Arbismart team promises – will be listed on an international crypto exchange in Q4 of 2021.

For that event new utilities will be added to the token in the coming months, such as an ArbiSmart interest-bearing wallet for fiat and crypto, a mobile app, a crypto credit card and more. 

That said, for every account level, the buyback began on June 29th 2021, and will continue through to Friday July 2nd 2021.

Over the duration of the promotion, the SELL option will be automatically opened and closed, according to the liquidity pools, real-time crypto market activity, the account level, account maturity and the number of tokens currently HODL. Arbismart algorithm will perform the automated calculation to determine how many of the tokens a user holds are available for sale, based on each account level.


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