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Which Coin Will Be 2021’s Most Valuable Cryptocurrency?


All-time top performers like Bitcoin and Ethereum hit new highs in April before getting knocked back by suddenly plummeting prices, though they are still leading the pack, in terms of market capitalization. Obvious contenders for Most Valuable Cryptocurrency will also include major stablecoins, like Tether (USDT), meme coins such as the buzzed-about Dogecoin (DOGE) that started as a joke and now has a market cap over $44 billion, and popular utility coins like Binance Coin (BNB) and Cardano (ADA).

However, it’s also worth taking note of those coins that have slowly but steadily been gaining ground, quietly growing their communities and rising in value, even if they haven’t hit the big time yet. These are actually the coins that offer the most exciting opportunities for 2021.

What Makes a Most Valuable Cryptocurrency?

On this issue, opinions will differ. Should we stick to the stats and just consider the coins with the highest market cap as the most valuable cryptocurrencies, or should we measure performance in terms of year-on-year growth? Maybe, the year’s top coin should be decided based on the nature of the utility and whether the coin backs a truly innovative project that will impact blockchain technologies or crypto mainstream adoption moving forward.

Without question, all of these are valuable metrics and all of them should be considered as well as one more. Now, we’re halfway through the year, is the coin still gaining momentum and does it have enough to carry it through to the end of 2021 and into 2022?

On this basis one contender stands out from the crowd – RBIS, the native token of ArbiSmart, an automated crypto arbitrage platform. RBIS was introduced just two years ago, and since then has been on a consistent upward trajectory having already gone up by 450%, and analysts are projecting it will rise to forty times its current value by 2023.

Why is RBIS a Top 2021 Performer?

There are a number of reasons for these positive projections so let’s take a look at them one at a time.  


  • A Haven from Volatility


ArbiSmart offers crypto arbitrage, meaning that it generates profits from temporary price disparities between exchanges. Here’s how it works:

The automated system is connected to thirty-five exchanges which it monitors 24 hours a day. When the algorithm finds a cryptocurrency that is available at different prices simultaneously, it automatically buys the coin wherever the price is lowest and then, within a split second, sells the coin for a profit, on the exchange where it is priced  highest.

As a platform user you simply fund your account with fiat or crypto and that’s it. Your part is done, and the algorithm takes over, converting your money into RBIS and using it to perform crypto arbitrage.

A sudden dive in market prices will have no impact on the platform’s ability to generate reliable, consistent profits from price disparities, making it a great hedge even in a bear market. In fact, in the recent crypto slump many digital asset holders deposited funds with AribSmart as a way to staunch the bleeding, prevent their crypto from losing more value, and earn a steady, monthly return on investment. This is likely to have been a major contributing factor to ArbiSmart’s 150% year-over-year growth in 2020. 


  • Attractive Monthly Returns


Monthly and annual yields on the ArbiSmart platform depend on your account tier, which is determined by the size of your deposit. Passive profits ranging from 10.8% to 45% a year, and you also  receive compound interest on those earnings. 

In addition, account holders who choose to store their funds in a locked account for a predetermined period can further increase their earnings, with those at the top account levels earning as much as 1% extra a day.

Last, but not least, there are capital gains from the rising value of the RBIS token, which has already more than quadrupled in price since it was introduced in 2019. 


  • New Utilities & Upgrades


One reason that RBIS has been able to maintain its momentum is through ongoing development. There are continuous upgrades to the system architecture and new token utilities are being added to the pipeline later in 2021, such as the ArbiSmart interest-generating wallet and high-yield savings accounts for both fiat and digital currencies. 


  • A Strong Security Record


ArbiSmart has a clean history with no hacks or fraud and is licensed to offer a variety of virtual currency services, including exchanging crypto against both crypto and fiat currency and providing digital wallet services. In compliance with EU regulatory requirements, ArbiSmart also maintains a functional and secure platform, and provides full client capital protection.


  • Upcoming Exchange Listing


In the final quarter of 2021, the RBIS token is set to be listed and as soon as it is tradable, the value is likely to climb significantly. Any person wishing to use any ArbiSmart utility will need to purchase the coin on an exchange. 

What Will Be Driving RBIS Momentum in 2022?

The future looks bright for RBIS and much of it has to do with the fact that the development team shows no signs of taking its foot off the gas. For example, in early 2022, additional RBIS utilities scheduled for launch include a mobile app, yield farming program and crypto credit card.  It is also worth noting that while the popularity of the ArbiSmart platform continues to soar, token supply is limited, capped forever at 450 million.

Without a doubt, the RBIS token is one to watch and is a strong contender for the most valuable currency of 2021. The developers are continuously expanding and improving the project, while the community continues to grow at an exceptional rate. This popularity is unsurprising, since the ArbiSmart platform offers strong returns and a great hedge against falling prices in a market that is characterised by high volatility.

For a slice of the action, while the price is still affordable, purchase RBIS today

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