Earn crypto with  your data: HUDI the first de-fi data ecosystem
Earn crypto with  your data: HUDI the first de-fi data ecosystem

Earn crypto with your data: HUDI the first de-fi data ecosystem

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Milan, 3rd August 2021, Human Data Income (HUDI) LTD, a company incorporated in London by Francesco Maria Ballarani, Gianluigi Ballarani and Andrea Silvi, with the mission to enable data monetization, is growing fast after the launch of the community last June and is preparing for its next goals.

Earn money with your data: HUDI, the first De-Fi Ecosystem, which allows each user, generator of data, to aggregate, store safely and monetize it, always being in control.

Data belongs to those who produce it

Thanks to Hudi (Human Data Income), people can upload their data, enrich it, download it from all the companies that have it (Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Netflix, etc.) and deposit it in a sort of data bank, in order to make it available in the market in an anonymous form so that every time it is used or purchased the user receives a commission.

For each transaction, in fact, Hudi redistributes up to 70% of the total value and 50% goes to the owner of the data.

For your data you are paid with HUDI Token, a digital cryptocurrency that you can use either within the system or exchange in crypto markets for other cryptocurrencies or for dollars, euros, pounds.

In this way, data owners are paid for the commercial use of their data, and will also be able to earn an immediate and liquid income from it.

The HUDI, a utility token, in BEP-20 format, issued initially on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain, will serve as a means of exchanging data and powering the ecosystem itself.

A user-friendly platform, accessible to all and in full compliance with the principles of privacy, data protection and use of data according to the GDPR, the European Regulation on Personal Data Protection.

The launch of the community in June followed an innovative scheme, namely decentralized marketing, in which users make the platform known and the entire advertising budget of one million dollars is distributed among all those who decide to embrace this cause.

The results have been outstanding, with over 100,000 registered users in less than four weeks, and the project aims to have more than 50 million active users by 2026.

The token’s IDO (Initial Dex Offering) will take place in mid-September 2021 on the decentralized PancakeSwap platform, and a private sale is underway these weeks.

“We are excited about the speed of growth our platform is experiencing, these numbers confirm that we are on the right track. Data is the new ‘black gold,’ one of the most valuable assets of this millennium and users are now more aware of it” – said Francesco Maria Ballarani, CEO and Co-Founder of HUDI.

“In line with our vision, even for the launch of the community, we have chosen a new way of doing things” – explains Gianluigi Ballarani, CMO and Co-Founder of HUDI, “instead of paying the advertising giants, all users are given the opportunity to make the platform known and the entire advertising budget of one million dollars is distributed among all users who decide to embrace this cause. It’s all free, more than that: it’s paid for.”

Andrea Silvi, CTO and Co-Founder of HUDI, states that:

“the progress of mankind happens with the evolution of technologies, we are here to invent a new one, available to all, with the aim of establishing new standards and balances within the data market, so far too much enclosed in the hands of a few.”

Unlike other companies in the crypto sector, which is still so poorly regulated, HUDI has chosen to give further transparency and a guarantee of security to those who will decide to support the project, by applying for a license to issue tokens to the GFSC (Gibraltar Financial Services Commission) and to adapt its activities to the principles of the GDPR in terms of processing and protection of personal data. In this sense, Hudi has decided to be assisted by a large group of extraordinary advisors in the legal, tax, strategic and technological fields.

Now we are waiting for the next public appointment, on September 15, with the IDO  event.

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