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How Studyum Promotes Learning Through an Amazing NFT Rewards System


A next-generation learning platform Studyum is all out to promote online education. This could be seen in its application of technology and other incentives to encourage people to learn. This has gone beyond providing a user-friendly education platform to a reward system that has never been seen before. 

Students will receive NFTs for learning. They will get an opportunity to manage and trade their earned tokens via the Studyum Defi partner platform. In this decentralized NFTfi marketplace, students will be able to swap, trade, and stake their tokens.

This idea will generate income for students who come on board to learn on Studyum’s online education platform.

How Studyum is Adding Value Through the Token Model

Studyum proposes a unique way of learning, a first of its kind, by creating a shift from the conventional method. Students can access a wide range of subjects and teaching styles. The decentralized system of learning allows students and educators to decide when and how to learn. 

Token Incentives for Users

Studyum users will be assigned a STUD token wallet, and a small amount will be given to new users as a starting balance. Every transaction will be done via the wallet, which will be protected using 2-factor authentication. The KYC-AI integration makes it possible for users to have a better experience interacting with their accounts.

Token Reward For Content Creators

A percentage of STUD tokens is set aside to motivate content creators through airdrops and bounty incentives that fund new contributors. Studyum can meet the demand for sports content by giving incentives and partnerships with sports instructors.

Some content creators will receive a reward in a mix of fiat and STUD tokens. Creators will have immediate value for their rewards with the incentive to hold the STUD token, which will appreciate over time. This online learning platform will allow educators to easily upload content in 2D or 3D and create their own unique non-fungible tokens, NFTs, and collectible cards.

How Does Studyum Promote Learning With NFT Rewards?

Studyum offers NFT rewards for studying by enabling educators to create and trade personalized photo-holographic NFT crypto collectible cards. It will reward educators and students through gamification, which is the application of a type of game to other areas of activity as a marketing technique to encourage engagement with a product or service. Through gamification, the platform will ensure long-term retention of users who actively encourage the adoption of the cryptocurrency with STUD, which is the Studyum smart contract utility token.

Students will receive NFTs for learning and a portion of tokens minted during the IDO will be used to fund the acquisition of more student members. This portion of tokens is part of the 20 percent set aside for students and contributors’ disbursement. 

IDO stands for Initial DEX offering, or the launching of a cryptocurrency on decentralized exchanges (DEX).

Launch of $STUD IDO

Studyum will launch its $STUD IDO on OccamRazer on September 20. Once the launch starts, the STUD token will be available for purchase at the price of $0.10 per token. The launch will open new use cases for the token.

Studyum has been forming great partnerships with industry leaders such as Fantasy, MVP Workshop, and OccamRazer the latest addition. 

OccamRazer is one of the leading fundraising launchpads in the world of DeFi space. Studyum shares its values and vision, considering it as a perfect launchpad for its token.

Students will receive rewards when they reach a certain milestone in any of these activities; 

  • Watching video content 
  • Achieving positive marks in exams
  • Finishing a lesson
  • Beating a personal record 
  • Beating a community record 
  • Referring to friends
  • Following projects 
  • Submitting project suggestions

Reward Payout Categories

Students who have reached the stipulated milestones will receive rewards in the following payout categories.

  • Instant Payment: This type of reward is given for watching videos, following projects, submitting projects, and beating a community record, with the latter having the highest reward. 
  • Scaled Payment: Students will receive a payment increase for finishing each lesson as the student progresses through the course. Similarly, positive marks on exams above 85 percent will reward the student with a higher number of STUD tokens.
  • Retroactive payment: Everyone who refers someone earns a 1 percent bonus of all tokens earned once the referral starts taking lessons.

Earning Through Reward Pools

Each class on the Studyum platform has a reward pool funded through a system of NFT minting with knowledge. The pool is used to reward the best students for their efforts, including best grades, improvement, and consistency in signing up for classes with rare NFT collectibles.


The Studyum NFT reward system is so amazing. It is designed to ensure everyone is rewarded for something. It does not just offer students an opportunity to learn, but also an opportunity to earn, invest and grow their investment.

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