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Coinbase adds Apple Pay for crypto purchases

Coinbase has added Apple Pay for crypto purchases, giving its users new, more user-friendly payment and withdrawal options.

Coinbase, after Apple Pay comes Google Pay

According to reports, the crypto exchange wanted to expand its payment and withdrawal methods to enable cryptocurrency buying and selling. 

“Today we’re introducing new and seamless ways to enable crypto buys with linked debit cards to Apple Pay and Google Pay, and instant cashouts up to $100,000 per transaction available 24/7”.

At the moment, Coinbase has already introduced Apple Pay, while withdrawals and payments via Google Pay are expected to become operational from autumn

Specifically, here’s how Coinbase describes using Apple Pay:

“Apple Pay is trusted, secure and accepted in-store, online and in Apps across the globe using a credit or debit card with Apple Pay. If you already have a Visa or Mastercard debit card linked in your Apple Wallet, Apple Pay will automatically appear as a payment method when you’re buying crypto with Coinbase on an Apple Pay-supported iOS device or Safari web browser”.

Coinbase: instant withdrawals up to $100,000

In addition to the latest news, Coinbase also mentions its Real Time Payments (RTP) service that offers instant withdrawals, at least in the US. Basically, with RTP, users can withdraw instantly with linked bank accounts up to $100,000 per transaction

“Instant cash outs via RTP let you get your money in seconds, 24/7, without the high costs of uncapped fees. Plus, there are no limits on the number of times you can cash out per day”.

For the time being, all the news at Coinbase still relates to users in the US. They are the ones who can buy cryptocurrencies with a linked bank account via ACH or wire transfer, a debit card, funds in their Coinbase USD wallet, and now also use funds from a linked PayPal account or a Visa or Mastercard debit card linked to Apple Pay. 

The platform was keen to point out that this possibility could extend to more countries very soon. For now, in more than 20 countries worldwide, Coinbase only accepts crypto purchases via linked Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards. 

Coinbase is the first crypto-exchange to be listed on the Nasdaq with its stock COIN. Recently, a number of analysts have commented on the future of COIN. Such as Dan Dolev, who explained that the stock is likely to “pay” for the declining volumes on bitcoin exchanges. 

According to Dolev, COIN could fall as low as $210, compared to the current $235 and compared to $225 in the previous forecast. An estimated annual decline of 11.24%. 

At the same time, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong recently expressed his opinion towards the new US crypto bill

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Stefania Stimolo
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