The Best Bitcoin Investment of 2021
The Best Bitcoin Investment of 2021

The Best Bitcoin Investment of 2021

By Crypto Advertising - 8 Aug 2021

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The crypto rollercoaster ride continues, with the sharp rise in prices that many hoped signaled the end of the bear run, now being followed by another dip.  So, with such a volatile asset class, what’s the best crypto opportunity for investors who want to protect and grow their gains when the market is bullish, while continuing to earn high yields, even when it turns bearish? 

One answer many strategists seem to agree on is RBIS, the token behind the ArbiSmart project, an EU licensed crypto arbitrage platform that has been getting a lot of positive attention recently.

There are clearly a lot of questions that need to be asked when assessing the value of any crypto project from usability and profitability to security and sustainability. Let’s take a look at the RBIS token and see whether it lives up to the hype.

Does it Provide a Useful Service?

The ArbiSmart platform performs crypto arbitrage, a low-risk automated investment strategy that makes money from price disparities across exchanges. There are brief periods in which a single digital asset is available at different prices at the same time. ArbiSmart’s algorithm tracks hundreds of coins across multiple exchanges, 24/7, to find these temporary price disparities. It will buy the asset on the exchange with the lowest available price then instantly sell it for a profit, on the exchange where the price is highest.

As a platform user, you simply sign up, deposit crypto or fiat and then the platform automatically converts your funds into RBIS and uses them to trade crypto arbitrage on your behalf.

The major upside here is that even if crypto prices were to suddenly change direction, you would keep on earning a steady return on investment, since price inefficiencies continue to arise, whether the market is bullish or bearish. This makes ArbiSmart a great hedge against a crypto slump, and during the recent crash its popularity soared among investors looking for a way to limit the losses to their Bitcoin and Ethereum, while also generating a high, reliable, monthly and annual return. 

What About the Return on Investment?

When it comes to profitability, the ArbiSmart platform blows the competition out of the water, particularly considering that other crypto investment opportunities offering exceptionally high yields usually tend to also involve a significant level of risk.

The ArbiSmart platform generates consistent profits that start at 10.8% and reach up to 45% a year, depending on the size of your investment. In fact, you can see ahead of time how much you will make per month and per year at each account level, by consulting the ArbiSmart profit table

You will earn compound interest on your crypto arbitrage profits, and if you choose to open a locked savings account that is closed for a pre-set period, you can earn additional returns as high as 1% per day. Also, you will be earning capital gains on the rising value of RBIS, which has already gone up by 450% in just two years and is projected to rise to twenty times its current price by the end of 2021.

Will It Still Be Around in Two Years?

This is a little harder to answer, but by all indications, the answer is a resounding yes. 

Firstly, the project has been steadily growing, since it was introduced in 2019, with year-over-year growth of 150% in 2020. Since then, there has been a consistent increase in the size of its user-base, and the momentum remains strong. 

Secondly, RBIS is about to gain a series of new utilities, which are sure to push up the price. Throughout the second half of 2021, in addition to the implementation of a number of major system upgrades, fresh products and services are being introduced such as ArbiSmart’s interest-generating wallet, scheduled for release in Q4. Early 2022 will also see a flurry of development, including the launch of a crypto credit card, a new mobile app and a yield farming program. 

A third factor impacting the growth potential and long-term viability of the platform is the fact that while demand is growing by the day, the supply is limited, with the amount of RBIS that can ever be created capped at 450 million. 

In Q4 of 2021, the token is scheduled to be listed and then if you want to use any RBIS utility you will need to purchase it on an exchange. By this point though, RBIS holders, who are profiting from crypto arbitrage, interest on high-yield savings accounts, and the token’s rising price, will have little motivation to sell.  

It’s therefore not surprising that analysts have projected that RBIS will see a rise of 4,000% by 2023. Far from disappearing from sight RBIS is on track to soar in value over the next couple of years, if it continues on its current trajectory. 

One of the best investments of 2021, RBIS is just about to take off, and the amount investors make on the coin is all down to timing.  Want to get on board, before the token listing? Buy RBIS here.

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