Illegal sale of NFT: the singer Till Lindemann was accused by the Hermitage Museum
Illegal sale of NFT: the singer Till Lindemann was accused by the Hermitage Museum

Illegal sale of NFT: the singer Till Lindemann was accused by the Hermitage Museum

By Redazione Digital Art Rights - 25 Aug 2021

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The frontman of German rock metal band Rammstein, Till Lindemann, is selling NFT from a music video shot at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, sparking a legal diatribe with the institution that denies giving permission.  

Not only big sales in the NFT market. There are more and more lawsuits in the cryptocurrency panorama: between copyright, rights of economic use of images, or even destruction of the physical work, there is no lack of news related to those who oppose a “freer” use of NFT.

There has been no lack of cases in recent months.

In May, on the OpenSea platform, the sale of an NFT linked to the work by Jean-Michel Basquiat Free Comb with Pagoda (1986) was canceled. Thanks to the purchase, starting from a minimum bid of 1 ETH, anyone would have been able to “deconstruct” the original Basquiat. 

But protection and rights came into play, resulting in the auction’s cancellation after the Basquiat Archive’s intervention. In fact, archive manager David Stark stated,

“The estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat owns the copyright to the artwork referred to. No license or rights were transferred to the seller, and the NFT was subsequently removed from sale.”

Recent is the case in the music scene of German singer Lindemann, who created the “NFTill Collection” for sale on the Twelve x Twelve marketplace. The Rammstein frontman, after having recorded at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg in May 2021 the video clip of the Russian song “Lubimy Gorod” (Beloved City), has decided to minify the One-Shot Video Hermitage Edition to put it on sale in 10 editions at 100.000€.

According to what the museum later stated, the singer violated the agreement for its use.

“The use of images of objects from the museum’s collection and furniture in the collection […] was not agreed with the museum,” the Hermitage wrote, adding that the singer did not respond to a notice pointing out the violation of the licensing policy. The NFTs on offer, the museum claims, are illegal.

The museum also mentions that:

“Mr. Lindemann personally signed a contract with the Hermitage that allows him to use the Hermitage images and all prepared materials exclusively for the music video.”

At the moment, all NFTs part of the “NFTill” collection are still unsold. 


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