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New York: mayoral showdown centred around cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are making a strong entry into the election for mayor of New York. After Eric Adams, also the Republican candidate Curtis Sliwa announced that he wants to make the Big Apple crypto friendly

Another pro-cryptocurrency mayor for New York City

In a tweet, Curtis Sliwa previewed his plan to make New York the most crypto-friendly city in the US.

As the post shows, his plan includes making it possible to pay taxes, fees and fines in cryptocurrency. Sliwa also wants to open more ATMs for Bitcoin and crypto, so that merchants will be induced to accept cryptocurrencies. All this, he explains, to modernize the economy and make it accessible to all. 

Before him, however, it was Eric Adams who had spoken about cryptocurrencies. The candidate who won the Democratic Party primaries had already declared that he wanted to make New York a hub for Bitcoin

New York elections: a two-way battle 

In New York, there is a two-way battle for the seat currently held by Bill De Blasio. On one side is the Republican Curtis Sliwa, on the other the Democrat Eric Adams. Both won their respective primaries. 

Election day is set for November 2, 2021. The winner will take office from January 2022. 

It looks like either way New York will be destined to compete with Miami.

Crypto hubs in the US

In the United States, there is no shortage of hubs for cryptocurrency lovers.


As of today, the scepter of the most crypto friendly city in the US goes to Miami, the capital of Florida. 

Mayor Francis Suarez is a strong supporter of Bitcoin. Some time ago he announced that he would introduce the possibility of paying salaries and taxes in cryptocurrency. His aim is to stay ahead of the game, as he is convinced that the revolution brought about by crypto is destined to reach the masses. 

It is no coincidence that Miami hosted the Bitcoin Conference, one of the biggest and most important crypto events in the industry. 


The other stronghold for the cryptocurrency industry is Wyoming. Home of the most crypto friendly senator in Congress, Cynthia Lummis, Wyoming, due to its particularly cryptocurrency-friendly regulation, has become the home of crypto exchange Kraken, but also of Cardano

Cynthia Lummis is working to extend Wyoming’s laws to the rest of the United States. According to her, the experiment in her state is bringing in both revenue and jobs. And that is why it needs to be expanded.


Texas deserves a special mention. This land has lately become the reference point for miners. 

The flight from China following the recent bans has changed the geopolitics of bitcoin mining. In this scenario, two realities are emerging: Kazakhstan and Texas. While Kazakhstan is very competitive in terms of energy costs, Texas has an enviable amount of energy. And above all, clean energy. At a time when bitcoin mining also raises ethical and environmental issues, Texas is carving out its own space for being environmentally sustainable.

Mining requires a lot of electricity, and Texas has plenty from wind, solar and hydroelectric sources. 

New York is about to join the list of pro-Bitcoin areas from 2022, when the next administration takes office. All that remains is to wait for the turnaround that the winner of the electoral competition will take. 


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