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NFT: Emanuele Dascanio’s new work dedicated to quantum physics

Emanuele Dascanio has released his new NFT work dedicated to quantum physics. It is called Fabrica Rerum, and is available on Super Rare

Dascanio introduces the work by stating the idea that nature is made up of objects whose existence is unrelated to observations that actually contradict quantum theory, without which the current digital world would not exist.

Emanuele Dascanio’s NFT: the artwork as an aggregation of several systems

According to the two theories that have revolutionized our understanding of reality, namely quantum theory and the theory of relativity, the only reality it makes sense to talk about is defined by interactions and is related to interacting systems.

Dascanio suggests that the most recent developments in modern physics describe a reality in close analogy with the complex universe of human relationships, and asks the question: “Do we really exist without others?”

The work represents a synthesis of art and physics and also involves the philosophy of science and psychology. At the end, a sentence composed of a simulation of 352 atoms interacting with a sea of electrons expresses the concept that the world, as we perceive it, is nothing more than an iridescent network woven of relationships. 

DAscanio NFT
This is a collaboration with Insighbart

(hbar stands for Plank’s constant: ħ, the fundamental constant of quantum theory), the trio of theoretical physicists Alberto Mercurio, Omar Di Stefano and Salvatore Savasta, who have done numerous international collaborations and important research in the field of quantum optics, as well as being the authors of around a hundred publications in scientific journals. 


Science and blockchain technology united through art

The work also represents the historical notarization on the blockchain of minds devoted to science, but with a heart for art. 

The three physicists, based on well-established studies, point out that the creative processes in science and technology are not very different from those underlying artistic creation. Both require creative imagination, passion bordering on obsession, an aesthetic sense and the ability to activate the unconscious. And both create innovation.

The trio recently founded the Quantizing Art Movement, arguing that the marriage of art and science can enrich both with new insights and sensibilities. In particular, quantum physics, having shattered the mechanistic conception of science, represents an unprecedented opportunity, where quantum processes and effects present surprising analogies with the complexity and indeterminacy of human emotions and relationships. 

Creating a more empathetic and responsive reality

Insighbart believes that quantum phenomena can represent a new artistic language and an inspiring model for learning more about ourselves and the deeper aspects of human relationships. 

Quantum physics can teach us to accept a richer and more empathic reality, made up of different points of view, different sensitivities and needs.

This is Emanuele Dascanio’s first collaboration with the trio of quantum physicists, but it will open the door to other collaborations in the future, as well as to new developments in the quantum, artistic and industrial fields related to NFT.

Dascanio is also one of the authors of the official NFTs of the Lamborghini Museum that will be offered for sale by Elysium Bridge, and in the past he sold his first NFT work “Sublimi ingenio, YOU are a NFT” for 7 ETH, or about $26,000. 


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