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When Lambo? Official Lamborghini NFTs are now on their way

Next September 25, Lamborghini’s official non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will be on for auction on the new Elysium Bridge platform.

In fact, the owners and heirs of the Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum, Tonino and Ferruccio Jr, have announced the first NFTs dedicated to the history of Lamborghini to sell the rarest pieces of their private collection exclusively.

The NFTs that will be offered for sale on Elysium Bridge represent priceless works preserved at the Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum, making this event the only chance to own these unique pieces.

Until now, these important relics from the history of the Lamborghini brand had never made it to the NFT world, through which the blockchain will make these pieces immortal.

That is precisely the idea that has guided the vision of Elysium Bridge’s founders from the beginning, to make priceless works live forever in the digital world.

The event of September 25, during which these NFTs dedicated to Lamborghini will be auctioned, “will be a real journey of discovery of the unique pieces present at the auction, in which historical backgrounds and details never made public and until now known only by the Lamborghini Family itself will be revealed,” explained the platform’s founders Enrico Branchetti and Patrick Jusic.

These NFTs are designed by six internationally renowned artists, including Emanuele Dascanio and Giovanni Motta, and other names to be announced soon.

On the platform’s website, you can view a trailer announcing the event and register for the Waitlist, which is the only way to participate in the auction.

The peculiarities of the NFT Elysium Bridge marketplace

What sets this new platform of Non-Fungible Art Tokens apart is the desire to be connected to a series of events and physical auctions with an exclusive audience that fits into the scene of major cities worldwide, including Monte Carlo and Dubai.

In addition, the Elysium Bridge team is working with high-caliber brands, so after Lamborghini, big news and collaborations are still expected.

Lamborghini in the cryptocurrency world

For years now, Lamborghini as a luxury car has been a symbol of the cryptocurrency industry, with phrases such as “When Lambo?” used to ask if a coin will rise enough to afford a Lamborghini, precisely.

In the meantime, the film co-produced by the cryptocurrency project Tatatu with Alec Baldwin and Antonio Banderas by director Bobby Moresco entitled “Lamborghini” is still in the works. The film tells the story of the entrepreneur who transformed his tractor factory into a legendary car manufacturer.


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