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Tradingview sends Bitcoin into space and creates its first NFT

Bitcoin to the moon? Yes, thanks to Tradingview. The platform’s team of engineers has, in fact, created a flight plan to allow Tradingview’s charts to reach the stratosphere, about 35 km from the Earth’s surface “with a screen and a special machinery to withstand the extreme conditions of temperature and pressure present at such altitudes,” as explained in the press release issued by the company.

And to celebrate this bizarre event, Tradingview used blockchain technology, precisely that of Ethereum, to create an NFT of the photograph capturing its chart in space.

Tradingview’s NFT on Bitcoin

The non-fungible token is located on Opensea, and the auction will end in four days, which is next August 24. The starting price had been 0.1 ETH, and now it stands at 0.1456 ETH, or currently $478.69.

On Opensea profile of Tradingview, you can also find two other NFTs: one of the chart of the stock market trend of Virgin Galactics shares – currently at the cost of 0.1 ETH – and the other one titled “All-Time Highs,” which is a video of the launch in the space of a sort of tarot card.

The latter NFT also promises some unlockable content that will be announced when the auction is over.

The description explains that this initiative started as a joke during April Fools’ Day 2021 but had been so successful that they wanted to make it a reality.

Tradingview is one of the most visited websites by traders to see the market trends and analysis of cryptocurrency and the stock market.

Tradingview also has a blog on The Cryptonomist as our companies formed a partnership back in 2018.

Bitcoin in space

In 2019, Blockstream had also sent Bitcoin into space to have an alternative method to download a Bitcoin full node in case of lack of internet connection, for example, in case of a coup d’├ętat or for the poorest countries and the most remote corners of the Earth.

The solution was also created for privacy reasons as anyone can see the IP address associated with their node, whereas it is much more difficult with a satellite connection.


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