Charles Hoskinson: “Solana has been making waves”
Charles Hoskinson: “Solana has been making waves”

Charles Hoskinson: “Solana has been making waves”

By Patryk Karter - 16 Sep 2021

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A couple of weeks ago, the founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, had recognized Solana’s growth and was curious to learn more about this project. On 30 August he tweeted:

To his tweet, the co-founder of Solana, Raj Gokal, replied that his DMs are open. Charles’ next tweet suggests that he sent Raj a direct message. 

Charles Hoskinson and the interoperability between Cardano and Solana

Among the other replies, one that stands out is that of dcSpark:

dcSpark is a crypto ecosystem builder founded by Sebastien Guillemot, Nicolas Arqueros and Robert Kornacki who have all worked for EMURGO, the company behind the development of Yoroi, the famous wallet which supports Cardano.

In their response to Charles’ tweet, they said they’ve mentioned Solana in their documentation related to something called Milkomeda, which seems to involve sidechains aimed at greater interoperability between blockchains:

“Given that the latest generation of blockchains (Cardano, Solana, Polkadot, etc.) all address scalability in their own way, there is little value to be gained out of deploying sidechains or rollups which attempt to increase throughput. What these blockchains do lack however are robust developer communities and overall adoption which the likes of Ethereum have managed to acquire.

Milkomeda addresses this by building out sidechains with alternative VMs connected to the L1 mainchains which use their cryptocurrency as their base asset. In other words, as an example for Cardano, Milkomeda will allow sidechains to be deployed that connect directly to the mainchain and use wADA (wrapped ADA) as the asset to pay for transaction fees”.

Cardano introduced the capability to deploy smart contracts.

The toxicity of the crypto community

It’s commendable to see projects talk to each other and hopefully collaborate in making the crypto space a more mature environment.

This, unfortunately, cannot be said about the often very toxic crypto community. Many people behave like at a stadium, shouting that their crypto is the best and all others are shitcoins.

One such critic was @mdudas, who tweeted:

His statement is clearly false as Cardano’s network has been working for years, adding new functionalities with every upgrade. The Mary hard fork added the possibility to issue tokens, including NFTs, while the most recent Alonzo hard fork introduced the capability to deploy smart contracts.

This kind of tribalism within the cryptocurrency space is very natural to human beings, but it’s not necessarily a good thing: we shouldn’t fall prey to the “Appeal to nature” fallacy.

Besides reaching technological maturity, it seems that this nascent space requires some intellectual maturity, and in this respect, Charles is often on point.

To the above-mentioned tweet, he replied:

This is somewhat reminiscent of the famous quote:

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”.

Which is often repeated as a mantra by the whole cryptocurrency sector in relation to the centralized financial system.


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