John McAfee, from birthday to death
John McAfee, from birthday to death

John McAfee, from birthday to death

By Eleonora Spagnolo - 20 Sep 2021

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John McAfee would have turned 76 on 18 September. Although it is said that he was not one who liked to celebrate birthdays, his passing this year has made this day even sadder.

The 75 years

It was his wife Janice McAfee who reminded us on social media that her husband would be celebrating his birthday on Saturday. She did so by posting a video of last year’s celebrations. The images show McAfee singing with a band in a small room that was set up for the occasion with streamers.

The two were in Spain, and McAfee agreed to his wife’s request to celebrate his 75th birthday.

The posts are accompanied by hashtags in which it is clear that Janice McAfee does not believe that her husband’s death was a suicide. 

The death of John McAfee

John McAfee’s wife never believed the suicide story. On her Twitter profile, she occasionally shares updates on the status of the investigation.

McAfee was found dead in his cell on 23 June. Janice McAfee explained that she had spoken to her husband in the morning, in the afternoon at 6 o’clock he was found dead.

John McAfee death
McAfee died last June in prison, in Barcelona

It was said that McAfee committed suicide because in addition to the tax evasion trial awaiting him in the United States, he was bankrupt.

However, Janice McAfee has no doubts: her husband had amassed a fortune (born with the McAfee antivirus that still bears his name) and dissipated it, but he also knew how to start again, as he had done so many other times in his life. And he was ready to do it again.

Janice says,

“He never felt more free”.

Janice McAfee’s doubts

There are many aspects of his death that do not convince Janice. Firstly, John McAfee was not at all worried about extradition to the USA. On the contrary, he was certain that the Spanish court would accept the US request. He always told his wife that she had to be strong and she remembers him being a born fighter.

Moreover, the two used to talk twice a day while John was detained in Barcelona. On 23 June, after the morning phone call, John told his wife he would call her in the evening. That call never came.

A suicide note was found in McAfee’s pockets.

According to Janice, the note was not written by her husband, but by someone who tried to imitate his tweeting style.

In addition, John McAfee had written at least four notebooks of notes and thoughts, which were handed over to his wife with parts missing or torn out.

This is why Janice McAfee has serious doubts about the suicide version. A person who writes so much, how can he limit himself to a note to announce his end? Hardly credible.

The news on the death of John McAfee stops here. Janice only announced in August that the Spanish authorities continue to be late in fulfilling their obligations. And this is certainly not reassuring for those who still have too many questions to answer.


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