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Liquid Network launches Liquid Asset plugin for WooCommerce

Liquid Network has announced that the Liquid Asset plugin for WooCommerce is now officially available for all online retailers.

WooCommerce is an open-source ecommerce plugin built on WordPress.

“The Liquid Assets for WordPress plugin is now production-ready! The free plugin enables online retailers to assign Liquid-based assets to specific products, similar to how a voucher or gift card works”.

Liquid Network and the WooCommerce online shop plugin

The new plugin reportedly allows online retailers to assign Liquid-based assets to specific products, similar to how a voucher or gift card works.

Blockstream’s online shop, which has been using the plugin since March 2021, was the first test for the official launch.

Specifically, the company has used the plugin’s voucher function in various promotions, including pre-orders for its Jade hardware wallet.

In the latter case, the pre-order was confirmed by automatically sending a B-JDE tokenized voucher to the buyer, who would then use it when the hardware wallets became available at a later date.

The B-JDE token not only gives priority access to the next batch but also allows the buyer to exchange, give away or resell it.

This shows the various applications of tokenized marketing that the Liquid Asset plugin offers for WooCommerce online shops.

Liquid Asset: the weapon for direct or disintermediated marketing

Online retailers can apply specific product discounts by integrating Liquid Asset with BTCPay Server, or they can create special item giveaways, pre-order offers or digital lotteries for promotional purposes.

Online shops can also employ discounts for users paying in a specific asset, such as Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC), Liquid CAD (L-CAD), or Tether (USDt).

In general, all these functions allow retailers to sell their products without intermediaries, as the platform and also the services integrated by Liquid Network are open-source anyway.

Not only that, marketing strategies also remain direct and without the need for third parties. Thus, with Liquid Asset, WooCommerce retailers can lower their marketing overheads and improve their marketing strategies.

Liquid Network is a sidechain of Bitcoin offering fast transactions

Blockstream’s Liquid Network to support Bitcoin (BTC)

Liquid Network is a bitcoin sidechain that aims to offer fast and confidential transactions. 

Initially implemented for wallets and trading platforms, it can now also be officially used for transactions directly with WooCommerce online shops.

Liquid Core was launched by Canadian company Blockstream, which is increasingly connected to supporting and expanding the use of the queen of crypto Bitcoin (BTC).

Recently, Blockstream’s CSO, Samson Mow was interviewed on the issue of wasted energy from BTC mining, stating that “Bitcoin is always sustainable”.

According to Mow, BTC wastes no more energy than any household appliance or Christmas lights, but rather he refocused the issue away from energy waste to how to make this energy use greener. 


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