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Plan B predicts Bitcoin at $135k by December

There are many predictions being made about what the future price of Bitcoin might be. According to Plan B, Bitcoin can go up to 135,000 dollars

Predictions of the Dutch former institutional investor

But there are some that seem to be more reliable than others. For example, that of an analyst and former Dutch institutional investor Planb@100 trillion USD, who so far seems to get right almost every prediction

Predictions he makes on his very popular Twitter channel (almost 1 million followers).

The most recent one spoke of targets for the world’s main cryptocurrency of 63K in October, 98K in November and even 135K in December, after having guessed 47k in August and 43k in September.

On his website, it says that PlanB@100trillionUSD is in fact a former Dutch institutional investor with 25 years of experience in financial markets.

He has a legal and quantitative financial background and has always been fascinated by risk and return modelling.

In March 2019, he created the Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow (S2F) model in which he essentially (with calculations based on complicated mathematical algorithms) uses scarcity to quantify the value of Bitcoin.

The name is said to have been chosen in memory of the 100 trillion coin that Zimbabwe printed in 2008 during a period of hyperinflation in the country.

The mysterious forecaster also talks about what could be the main drivers for Bitcoin’s next robust rise, citing among others adoption in El Salvador, approval of the first ETF in the US by the SEC, and possible adoption by one of America’s tech giants.

Plan B Bitcoin
According to Plan B Bitcoin could reack $135k in December

All the Bitcoin predictions of Plan B and its innovative model

In June, when Bitcoin was hovering around 34K, Plan B predicted 47K for Bitcoin, which after the 20 July descent to 29K, seemed frankly unachievable.

However, his prediction promptly came true, as did the 43K decline in September. Since his stock-to-flow model was born in March 2019 many of his predictions have punctually come true.

The mathematical model focused on the low-rate issuance and scarcity of the crypto asset should strengthen the value of BTC over the long term.

The current amount of BTC (stock) is simply divided by the number of bitcoin produced (flow) on an annual basis. According to this model there would be a direct correlation between S2F and asset value, bitcoin would go up when the index is higher. But this model has also recently been adopted on gold and silver, proving its great effectiveness.

The forecasts of December 2020, January, February and March were also in line with the predictions of the mysterious analyst. In April 2020 his prediction was that bitcoin would reach an average of 288K over the next four years, with clearly higher peak levels.

Bitcoin predictions

The mysterious Dutch analyst is not the only one who has made such optimistic predictions about the future value of Bitcoin, recently JP Morgan predicted that the digital currency could reach 135K by 2022, Meltem Demirors of Coinshares predicted that Bitcoin will exceed 100k by the end of the year.

Raoul Pal, founder of Real Vision Group and former corporate manager at Goldman Sachs, recently predicted that Bitcoin will be at 200k within 12 months and Ethereum will exceed 20k. But in 2020, he predicted that Bitcoin would reach the monstrous price of $1 million within five years.

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