First NFT fundraiser for Sardinia, Italy closes with success
First NFT fundraiser for Sardinia, Italy closes with success

First NFT fundraiser for Sardinia, Italy closes with success

By Cryptonomist Editorial Staff - 14 Oct 2021

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October 2021The first NFT fundraiser for Sardinia has been successfully concluded.

The NFT fundraiser for Sardinia

It was organized by the cultural association The AB Factory with the valuable participation of Italian and international artists such as Antonio Marras, whose work has become an icon of this awareness campaign, and the Italian duo HACKATAO, one of the world’s best-known crypto artists, who provided their digital works to support the island after the recent fire.

 Thanks to the donation and sale of works by participating artists Michele Ardu, Valérie Biet, Federico Cecchin, Andrea Crespi, Alberto Maria Colombo, Noah D’Alessandro, Emanuele Dascanio, Simon Dee, Simone Fugazzotto, Francesco Giuliani, Andrea Gola, HACKATAO, Antonio Marras, Mahmood, ManuInvisible, Giovanni Motta, Renzo Nucara, Paola Pinna, Pongo 3D, Caterina Quartana, Marco Rea, Rebis The Artist, Alessandro Risuleo, RooBè, WAARP and many others, more than 20. 000 euros have already been donated to the non-profit organization “Effetto Palla” of Oristano for the benefit of local animals (15,000 euros) and to the municipality of Santu Lussurgiu (more than 5,000 euros), one of the most affected.

 The initiative was carried out on the Digital Art Rights platform with the support of prestigious partners and professionals who immediately took action in favour of the island, such as Art Rights,, Artuu Magazine, The Cryptonomist, DeFi Today, The Swiss Blockchain Consortium and Marco Rubino of Musebbi.

Statement by Roberto Concas, President of AB Factory Cultural Association:

Sardinia was burning on 24 July.

A massive fire devastated the territories between Bonarcado and Santu Lussurgiu.

Our Cultural Association AB FACTORY, which was founded to promote art and culture, immediately called on the protagonists of the art world to participate in solidarity.

More than thirty artists promptly responded to the call and donated their works, processed in the unusual art form known as NFT (Non Fungible Token).

Under the guidance of Andrea Concas and with the support of highly qualified partners, the response from collectors was not long in coming, raising over €20,000.

With great pride, we are pleased to announce that the amount has been paid to the Municipality of Santu Lussurgiu, one of the worst affected, and to the non-profit organization “Effetto Palla” to help animals.

The initiative, in addition to the sum donated, can boast of having raised awareness in the art world by promoting, with new artistic expressions, social solidarity.


AB FACTORY is a cultural association open to confrontation, meeting, support of art, culture, artists, creativity and experimentation, in search of an accessible art for all. The aims of the Cultural Association AB factory are the cultural, artistic and creative growth, as well as the qualification, professional, social and artistic improvement of its members in the fields of art, culture, entertainment, history, literature, tourism, animation, communication and cultural heritage in general; the implementation, practice and enhancement of initiatives and services for culture, arts, entertainment, as well as the dissemination and promotion of activities throughout the country. The Association promotes and organizes non-profit artistic, cultural, musical, theatrical, recreational, cinematographic, animation and psychological wellbeing events, and participates in them with its members, if promoted and organized by other associations, public and private bodies; it promotes and organizes conventions, debates, internships, conferences, competitions and awards. It promotes and organizes refresher and advanced training courses, painting, sculpture, prints, graphic arts, photography and animation, art therapy, as well as cinema, writing, music, singing, fashion, acting, dance and other courses concerning the generality of arts and expression.


Contributing artists:

Technological platform:


Art Rights is the first platform supporting the management and certification of works of art on the Blockchain to protect artists, collectors and professionals with the largest Italian Art Tech community. It supports artists in creating their own NFTs with the major platforms and marketplaces, assisting them – thanks to a pool of experts – from a legal and fiscal point of view and in the promotion of their drops by breaking down the technological barriers to market access.


An acronym for “Non-Fungible Token”, they are a type of cryptographic token on the Blockchain that represents a unique digital or real asset. What distinguishes NFTs is precisely their non-fungibility, i.e. the non-interchangeability given by a unique non-replicable code.


A digital work in NFT is digitally signed by the artist who created it, which makes it different from other apparently identical works in circulation, just as an authentic and signed painting is different from a copy.


NFTs make it possible to demonstrate and certify the authenticity and therefore the intellectual property of the work as, regardless of the transfer of ownership, its attribution will always be traceable to the author.

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