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Cardano: SpaceBudz NFT sold for $1 million

The first $1 million NFT sale has taken place on the Cardano blockchain via smart contracts: SpaceBud #9936 was bought for 510,000 ADA on the Spacebudz platform.

SpaceBudz: the first 10k NFT collection on Cardano

These 10 thousand astronauts were among the first NFTs minted on the Cardano blockchain after the activation of the Mary hard fork, which implemented the functionality of native tokens. It’s worth noting that, unlike tokens on Ethereum, creating NFTs on Cardano does not require smart contracts, making the process less costly and cumbersome.

The SpaceBudz project was founded by Alessandro, operator of Berry Pool and creator of Nami Wallet, and Zieg, an NFT-enthusiast that claimed his first CryptoPunk in 2017!

Cardano SpaceBudz NFT
SpaceBudz #4237 and #5152 are NFTs on the Cardano blockchain

The growth of the NFT ecosystem on Cardano has been astounding. These SpaceBudz, for example, have been sold for an average price of 50 ADA back in March 2021, and now they are selling at incredible prices, with the current floor at over 5000 ADA.

Another astronomical sale was that of SpaceBud #3506, which fetched menol.eth 400,000 ADA, equivalent to $852k at the time of the sale:


Other NFT collections on Cardano

SpaceBudz are just the tip of the iceberg. On The Cryptonomist we have written about CardanoKidz, which are also among the very first NFTs on the Cardano blockchain.

Many other collections followed, these include CryptoKnitties and Clay Nation:

CryptoKnitties #02238 and Clay Nation #5856 are NFTs on Cardano

Both of these collections have something in particular. CryptoKnitties for example, are being brought to life into a game:

Whereas Clay Nation NFTs have the uniqueness of having their +/- 100 clay traits handcrafted and then assembled by an algorithm creating wonderfully unique characters. When zooming in on them, it is even possible to see the fingerprints of the creator.

The price floors of CryptoKnitties and Clay Nation on CNFT.io at the time of writing are 70 ADA and 1750 ADA respectively.

AI-generated NFT art

There’s often talk of AI and robots replacing our mundane and repetitive jobs. But what about art? Can artificial intelligence be creative?

Here are some NFTs that have been generated by AI. Of course, there’s still an element of humanity in them since the creators have a degree of influence when choosing certain parameters, but most of the work is done by algorithms.

The projects are called EntheosAI and VisionAI:

Entheos 240743 and Deep Vision #02402 are AI-generated NFT art

The price floors of EntheosAI and Deep Vision on CNFT.io at the time of writing are 15 ADA and 30 ADA respectively.

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