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McDonald’s launches NFT competition: McRibs up for grabs

Even McDonald’s is entering the world of NFTs and is doing so by transforming the McRib, one of its sandwiches, into a non-fungible token. 

The famous fast food chain announced yesterday an NFT-themed competition in which to win the tasty blockchain-based prize:

McDonald’s NFT competition

This is a real prize competition reserved for users in the United States, which began yesterday and will end on 7 November.

To take part, it is sufficient to retweet the competition invitation tweet. At the time of writing, there have been around 75,000 retweets

From these, 10 users will be selected by an independent company and will then have the chance to win the McRib NFT

The winners will be contacted via Twitter and will have to provide McDonald’s with their personal details and the address of the Ethereum wallet where they want to receive the NFT. Failure to respond will be tantamount to forfeiting the prize. 

MC Donald's NFT
McDonald’s launches NFT competition: McRibs up for grabs

10 NFTs up for grabs

The 10 lucky ones will be entitled to receive the McRib NFT, which includes an image of the famous sandwich. McDonald’s estimates that the current value of the NFT is $20 but makes it clear that this could change over time. 

In total, the contest prize pool is “only” $200. But since it is a very limited drop, at only 10 pieces, it is easy to assume that the value of the collectibles may soon increase. 


With this competition, McDonald’s is also contributing to the craze surrounding NFTs, the real revelation of 2021. McDonald’s Twitter account boasts over 4.3 million followers, who could potentially be exposed to the tweet launching the competition. 

The high number of retweets confirms the interest in the sector, although the rules state that only US users can participate. 

In any case, it is clear that NFTs are not a passing fad as some have speculated. More and more celebrities and well-known companies are entering the sector or launching their own collections. 

The latest was Disney, which launched the Golden Moments celebratory collection. Fashion designers Dolce and Gabbana also have an NFT collection. Celebrities that are fans of NFTs include actress Reese Whiterspoon and rapper Snoop Dogg, a real influencer in the industry. 

All in all, NFTs are infecting everyone and are helping to reinvigorate certain sectors such as art and gaming. 

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