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Vogue Singapore enters the NFT dimension

Exclusively tomorrow, Vogue Singapore will launch the first collection of non-fungible tokens linked to the fashion magazine with special covers created solely by NFT artists.

Vogue Singapore covers in NFT format

The original covers are said to carry a message of innovation. The company sees the growing NFT market as a way of bringing the world of fashion and lifestyle together with new technologies.

This is a marketing operation that foresees the definitive entry of the company into the world of new collector’s items that can only be purchased through a digital dimension.

The collection will be distributed through the OpenSea platform. The drop in particular will feature two Vogue covers designed by metaverse artists and in particular by designer Chad Knight, who with Jamela Law and Lionel Wong will represent the innovation and technique of the metaverse.

The cover, animated and designed by Knight, will be entitled “Triumphant Awakening”.

The image will be of a golden statuette standing in front of a rotating blue planet with a perpetually rising and setting sun through an elliptical arc.

These from Vogue will be referred to as Beauty NFT and will consist specifically of illustrations done by Korean make-up master Dain Yoon.

NFT Vogue

A new form of communication

This need to communicate with the metaverse is becoming a necessity for all companies, ranging from Nike to Warner Bros, in order to reach an audience of viewers that is still unique but predictable on an exponential scale of growth that will leave no dimension uncovered.

Vogue is one of the latest companies to finally give in to this method of communication by producing forms that are in some way linked to art. There are, however, two ways forward.

The first is to create attention on totally innovative products and the other is to go through the forms of registration and authenticity through the blockchain network and its digital connection resources.

The ease with which brands communicate and connect with their audiences through these new forms of artistic communication is becoming paramount.

Creating a digital experience with their customers through a dimension of global interconnection will be the voice of communication of the future, and brands like Vogue have fully understood this.

NFTs are now becoming mainstream among many collectors, and in relation to the growth in value associated with the cryptocurrency market, there is only the right strategy to implement in order to get the new projects off the ground.