RBIS Is following Ethereum, Solana and Shiba Inu price increases
RBIS Is following Ethereum, Solana and Shiba Inu price increases

RBIS Is following Ethereum, Solana and Shiba Inu price increases

By Crypto Advertising - 26 Nov 2021

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Recent breakout cryptos like Cardano, Polkadot, Solana, and Shiba Inu, have made investors amazing returns, shooting up thousands of percent in an incredibly short space of time. Analysts are anticipating that the next coin to explode will be RBIS, the token behind the ArbiSmart project. Its price has already gone up over 800% and by 2023 is projected to rise by a further 4,000%

Why price of RBIS is on the rise

So, what is behind this optimistic projection and how has RBIS managed to set itself up for success? 


ArbiSmart performs fully automated crypto arbitrage, an investment strategy designed to cushion the trader from crypto market volatility, by exploiting price inefficiencies across exchanges. This means that it takes advantage of short periods in which a coin is simultaneously available at different prices. 

RBIS price
Arbismart performs crypto arbitrage

Price inefficiencies occur all the time, as a result of various factors, such as differences in liquidity and trading volume between bigger and smaller exchanges. ArbiSmart monitors 35 exchanges, 24 hours a day, and when it finds an inefficiency, it buys the cryptocurrency on the exchange where the price is lowest and then within a split-second, sells wherever the price is highest to make a profit on the spread.

As a platform user, you sign up, deposit funds in crypto or fiat and then the platform algorithm does everything else. It converts the funds into RBIS and uses them to earn passive profits from crypto arbitrage that start at 10.8% a year and reach up to 45% a year, depending on the size of your deposit. You can see exactly how much you will make within that range by entering an investment amount and a time frame into the platform’s yield calculator.

RBIS price
Passive profits from crypto arbitrage start at 10.8% a year and reach up to 45%

The primary benefit here is consistency. Whether the digital currency market is sinking or soaring, price inefficiencies will keep emerging with the same regularity as ever, generating steady, reliable profits, and ensuring that your crypto does not plummet in value, the next time there is a crash.

So by providing a hedge against falling prices, ArbiSmart offers a great low risk solution for investors who want the amazing revenue potential only offered by the crypto market without incurring the sky-high level of risk associated with such a volatile asset class.


As well as yields reaching 45% a year (3.75% a month) from crypto arbitrage, ArbiSmart provides passive profits of up to 1% day for storing your funds on the platform, in a locked savings account for a contracted period.

RBIS price
RBIS value has already risen by 818%

In addition, RBIS capital gains are exceptional, as at the time of writing, the token value has already risen by 818% and is on a steady upward trajectory.


RBIS is able to break out because the ArbiSmart development team is consistently innovating, driving demand for the token. Between now and the end of this winter, ArbiSmart will be launching a series of new RBIS utilities, including an interest-bearing wallet supporting crypto and fiat, a yield farming service, and a crypto credit card.

Arbismart RBIS
ArbiSmart will be launching a series of new RBIS utilities

At the end of 2021, RBIS is going to be listed and use of any RBIS utility will require purchasing the coin on a global exchange. Up to now, the token has only been available through ArbiSmart’s EU regulated platform, which restricts access to individuals who complete the ID verification process and come from countries where it is licensed to provide service. However, the listing on exchanges should increase token demand, as RBIS will become available to a far wider audience.

These factors should push up the token price, since supply is forever capped at 450 million RBIS. As the token supply becomes increasingly scarce owing to the growth in demand, the price is going to rise.

RBIS has clearly met the criteria for becoming a crypto breakout star, with its valuable financial services, consistent revenue, ongoing development, and rising demand. To get on board now before the price explodes, buy RBIS here.

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