RBIS had higher gains this week than Solana and Ethereum
RBIS had higher gains this week than Solana and Ethereum

RBIS had higher gains this week than Solana and Ethereum

By Crypto Advertising - 3 Dec 2021

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2021 breakout coins like Solana, Cardano, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu have had an amazing year. They’ve been generating a major amount of buzz as prices soared. In contrast, one coin that flew under the radar as it quietly gained ground this year is RBIS, the native token of the ArbiSmart project. However, over the last week, RBIS has made higher gains than any of the year’s biggest new stars and is now up by over 840%.

Up to 45% a year in guaranteed crypto arbitrage profits

ArbiSmart is an automated crypto arbitrage platform. This means that it generates profits from brief instances in which a coin is simultaneously available across multiple exchanges, at different prices.

RBIS gains
Arbismart performs crypto arbitrage

To use the platform, you sign up, deposit either fiat or crypto and then leave the rest up to the algorithm. ArbiSmart is integrated with 35 exchanges, and it tracks them 24/7 looking for temporary price differences on hundreds of coins at once. The algorithm converts your funds into RBIS and then on finding a disparity, buys the cryptocurrency on the exchange with the lowest available price and then instantly sells it  for a profit on the exchange with the highest available price. Yields start at 10.8% a year and reach up to 45% a year (0.9% to 3.75% a month) depending on your deposit size. You can see exactly where your passive profits fall in that range by entering a deposit amount and time frame in the project yield calculator.

ArbiSmart profits are predictable because price disparities will continue to emerge, with the same consistency regardless of whether the crypto market is going up or down. Price disparities can have a wide variety of causes, such as differences in trading volume between bigger and smaller exchanges. Since they occur just as regularly whether the market enters a bull or bear market, you will continue to earn an uninterrupted, reliable profit even in a crash, and your crypto won’t lose its value.

RBIS capital gains of over 840% and climbing

In addition to reliable profits from crypto arbitrage of up to 45% a year, ArbiSmart also offers compound interest.

RBIS gains
Arbismart let users earn up to 1% per day, in further passive profits

If those profits are then stored in a locked savings account for a pre-determined period, you can earn up to 1% per day, in further passive profits, just for holding your funds with ArbiSmart.

The ever-rising value of the RBIS token is another source of passive profits. If you bought RBIS just two years ago, when the coin was first introduced, your investment will have already gone up by over 840% and for a number of reasons outlined below, the price is set to soar in the months ahead.

Analyst projections of a 4,000% rise by 2023

Between now and the end of Q1, 2022, a number of new RBIS utilities are going to be launched. These include an interest-generating wallet supporting both crypto and fiat, a crypto credit card and a yield farming service. With the addition of these new services demand for the token will rise, as anyone wishing to use these utilities will first need to purchase RBIS.

However, as the demand for the token rises, its availability will remain limited, with the amount of RBIS that can ever be created capped at 450M. This will lead to a rise in value, once demand outstrips supply. In fact, by 2023, analysts are projecting a rise to 40 times the current price.

RBIS gains
New utilities are coming for RBIS

In another month, RBIS will be listed. Once it is offered on global exchanges, the price is likely to rise even higher, as RBIS becomes available to all the people who due ArbiSmart’s EU licensed status have not had access to the token to this point. This includes anyone in countries from which ArbiSmart, as a regulated platform, cannot accept clients, as well as those who prefer not to complete ID verification procedures, wishing to remain anonymous.

RBIS is on a rapid upward trajectory and looks set to gain significant momentum in the very near future. If you want to get on board now before the price climbs any higher, purchase RBIS here .

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