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Pak and the Open Edition of NFT Merge: more than 26k collectors in 48 hours

Murat Pak, the creator of Open Edition, is back on Nifty Gateway with his NFT Merge Collections: Dynamic Non-Fungible Tokens that accumulate mass. 

Within 48 hours, more than 26,000 unique collectors were involved and a quarter of a million masses were purchased. 

Pak and the milestone results of the Open Edition of NFT Merge

From 2 to 4 December, on Nifty Gateway, Murat Pak opened his Open Edition of the NFT Merge collection. 

The result was described by him as a “milestone”. Here is the tweet with the results:

“Quarter million mass acquired. Over 26k unique collectors. This is a milestone”.

Nifty Gateway also congratulates the creator of the Open Edition and NFT Merge:

“Congratulations to Murat Pak, who just achieved the largest ever art sale by a living creator with ‘The Merge. The entire team at NG is honored to have worked with you on this and incredibly proud of what you achieved!”


Pak NFT Merge
The NFT Merge Collection has been very successful

Pak and the NFT Merge Collection: what it is and how it works

The Merge Collection reportedly has a built-in scarcity mechanism to ensure that the supply of tokens decreases over time. Each Merge token transfer merges with the token in the recipient’s wallet, adding up the mass value and resulting in a single token. 

As an example, suppose someone has an NFT Merge, which is m(100), if they buy another NFT Merge, which is m(20), then they will have an NFT Merge m(120), which simply shows that everything has merged automatically. 

All NFT Merges are dynamically generated based on the total mass of the NFT. An NFT will become visually larger as the same owner acquires more mass. 

There are no hosted images. All images are generated on-chain, in the contract. The Merge contract also allows for future visual customization, with 100 secret classes evenly distributed among all tokens. 

Prices and bonuses of the Open Edition NFT Merge Collection

During the 48 hours of Open Edition on Nifty Gateway, the price of NFT Merge followed the following changes:

“Dec 2nd-4th

48 hour Open Edition.

Dec 2nd 6:00 PM ET:

Early Access For Pak Collectors Begin


Dec 2nd 6:30 PM ET:

Public Access Begins

$400 with $25 increase every 6 hours

Dec 4th 6:30 PM ET:

Open Edition Ends”.

The goal of the collectors to accumulate mass with their NFT Merge was to then receive the bonus %. The more mass accumulated, the higher % bonus received. So for every 10 to n units of mass purchased, one gets n/10 bonus of extra. 

Nifty Gateway: the centralized NFT marketplace 

By March 2020, the Nifty Gateway platform had been acquired by the Winklevoss twins, the owners of the Gemini crypto-exchange. 

Nifty Gateway is a centralized US dollar-based system for NFTs managed by Gemini custody. The purpose of the marketplace, in addition to selling, buying and accumulating NFTs, is to make the NFT market mass market. 

Last year, on Nifty Gateway, there was a 24-hour auction of the Yachty Coin of the rapper of the same name, Lil Yachty, while in April 2021, Nifty Gateway is said to have started an artistic collaboration with Playboy, which at that time would have seen PLBY shares rise by 11%. 


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