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Play2Earn: Funganomics launches its first NFT character drop

The Play2Earn category is about to see the release of the first NFT character drop of the Funganomics Ultimate Showdown (or FUS) game on Saturday 18 December 2021

This is a collection of 10,000 characters from the game that will be released on Fungatopia’s new marketplace

Play2Earn, the launch of Funganomics’ first NFT

In the Play2Earn space, the famous game Funganomics seems to want to integrate NFT technology through its newly created marketplace. 

And indeed, on Saturday 18 December 2021, the first 8 characters (4 heroes and 4 antagonists) in the Non-Fungible Token or NFT format will be released in drops on Fungatopia’s new marketplace. 

“NFT DROP INCOMING. Are you ready for gaming NFTs? Can’t wait to share what we have in the works”.

Reportedly, the new 8 NFT characters in the Funganomics Ultimate Showdown (or FUS) game drop have a wide variety of awesome traits, as well as impressive future utility through their technology. 

Saturday’s drop is just one in a series of pre-sales that will allow new NFT owners to claim their place within the FUS P2E game, which will be released in early 2022. 

The Play2Earn at Funganomics

The Play2Earn category is increasingly uniting the world of gaming and NFT technology. 

The revolutionary new core mindset shifts the world of gaming from a simple entertainment industry to a real business with its own economic ecosystem. 

By putting the player at the centre of the focus, Play2Earn offers new technological tools that enable the player to obtain enticing returns while playing.

The Play2Earn category is increasingly combining the world of gaming and NFT technology.

Among these technologies, there is the Non-Fungible Token which, through the blockchain, makes the token unique, collectible and “decentralized”. 

Funganomics joins this trend. On that note, the company’s CEO Jeremy Roberts said:

“We are about to pull back the velvet curtains and unveil our NFT platform Fungatopia® and an incredible drop of 10,000 exciting characters on December 18th. We know this is what our member community have all been patiently waiting for so the pressure was on to make this NFT character drop something really special. It’s such a pleasure to announce that the whole 10,000 mintable collection is ready for release and they won’t disappoint”.

Gaming and NFT success

Earlier this month, another game, Guild of Guardians, was dubbed as the new Axie Infinity, after its pre-sale totaled $5.3 million with a final count of 808,000 registrations, thus bringing over 10,700 new token holders into its ecosystem. 

Guild of Guardians established its GOG token that forms the foundation of the game’s economy, creating a rewards distribution model and allowing players to purchase NFTs in-game, which can then be traded on the ImmutableX marketplace. 

God Temple, in its Play2Earn formula, also brought in renowned Marvel comic book artist, Pat Lee to create limited edition NFTs. God Temple sets up the native MYTH token and the in-game SOUL token.

In that case, the “Marvel NFT” representing a deity was made available to the game as a reward for the duel-winning player, who can then trade it on secondary markets

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Stefania Stimolo
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