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Missed Out on Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin? Buy RBIS


2021 has been a dramatic year for the crypto markets, but now there is a new coin to buy: RBIS, a completely different token. Here is why. 

Why buy RBIS

We have seen Bitcoin go from lows of under $30,000, to highs of nearly $70,000 with major ups and downs along the way, while all kinds of altcoins have experienced exceptional volatility.  

However, RBIS has been on a steady upward trajectory and is now about to take over as a crypto frontrunner, outpacing some of the year’s biggest breakouts like Solana Cardano, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. 

RBIS is Arbismart’s coin

RBIS, the native token of ArbiSmart performs automated crypto arbitrage for up to 45% APY. So far, RBIS has gone up in value over 860%, without dipping even during bear trends and analysts are projecting that by 2023 it will have gone up to 40 times its current value. 

To understand its stratospheric rise, let’s look at the major factors in the token’s favor 

The process is simple

Much of the popularity of the ArbiSmart project stems from the fact that it demands very little effort or specialized knowledge. As a platform user, you just sign up, deposit funds and then put your feet up and let the algorithm do the rest.

The automated system converts your crypto or fiat into RBIS and uses the funds to perform crypto arbitrage. This is a form of investing which makes money from instances where a coin is available on various exchanges, at different prices simultaneously. Price disparities can have numerous causes. For example, they often occur when there is a difference trading volume between a bigger exchange and a smaller one.

 Connected to nearly 40 exchanges, ArbiSmart’s algorithm monitors hundreds of coins at once, looking for price differences. On finding a disparity it buys the coin on the exchange where it is priced lowest and then instantly sells it, for the biggest possible profit, on whichever exchange it is priced highest. 

Even if the crypto market suddenly takes a dive, you will continue to earn a steady profit from crypto arbitrage and your crypto capital will keep its value, as price disparities will emerge just as regularly in a bull or bear market. So, this essentially effortless strategy serves as a great hedge against a crypto market crash, which is critical when investing in the world’s most volatile asset class. 

The profits are substantial 

ArbiSmart profits from automated crypto arbitrage begin at 10.8% a year (0.9% a month) and reach as high as 45% a year (3.75% a month). Where you fall within this profit range will depend on the size of your deposit and can see in advance the  exact size of your return on investment, over any chosen timeframe, using the platform profit calculator.

With profit calculators Arbismart’s users can see their gains


Crypto arbitrage is not the only revenue channel offered by the platform. If you opt to store your funds in a locked savings account until 2023, you can earn up to 1% a day in additional passive profits. 

Then, there are capital gains. The RBIS token has already risen in value by over 860% and is still climbing. In fact, with a series of new developments in the pipeline, the price is projected to soar in the weeks ahead.

The Price Is Climbing

At the end of this month, on December 31st, 2021, the RBIS token will be listed, making it tradable on global crypto exchanges and accessible to a wider market. It will then become available to all those who are currently ineligible to buy RBIS through the platform, such as people in countries from which ArbiSmart cannot accept clients, due to its EU license

RBIS is going to be listed on the 31st December 2021

Demand will be driven even higher by the fact that by the end of Q1, 2022, ArbiSmart is introducing a number of new RBIS utilities. These include an interest-providing wallet that supports both fiat and crypto, a yield farming service and a crypto credit card. 

Good news for RBIS holders is that as demand increases, the token supply will remain limited, permanently capped at 450 million. This should have a significant impact on the price, as RBIS availability diminishes.

RBIS seems on track to gain momentum in the coming weeks and if you want to exploit this current window of affordability, before the price takes off, buy RBIS now.

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