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NFT Bunny postpones closing of BUN private sale to January 6, 2022


Due to the high number of requests received, NFT Bunny has decided to postpone the end of the private sale of the BUN token, initially scheduled for today, December 22, 2021. 

The deadline for the closing of Round 3 has been moved to January 6, 2022, at 15:00 CET. 

NFT Bunny private sale continues

The private sale of the BUN token had started last December 5 with a 3-hour flash round that went sold out. That was followed by a 24-hour seed round last December 6, and then the actual private sale with three different rounds scheduled from December 7 to 22.

Each phase saw a high number of subscribers who wanted to put their trust in BUN and NFT Bunny. 

That has convinced the team not to close the presale, at least not yet.

Paolo Pacitto, co-founder of NFT Bunny, explains:

“The numerous requests received to buy the BUN token, on the one hand, filled us with enthusiasm, on the other, we were faced with the objective difficulty of not being able to fulfill all of them in a short time. For this reason, we thought it was appropriate to extend the end date of the presale. We were really counting on Round 3, and so far, we are very satisfied with it: it was the most affordable one, just as NFT Bunny wants to be. By extending the deadline, we give the opportunity to many others to participate, making our community grow even more before NFT Bunny is live”.  

Utilities of the BUN token

BUN is not only the governance token of NFT Bunny (which is a decentralized platform whose governance model is governed by the EthereansOS protocol), but it is also a utility token to take advantage of the platform’s premium services. In addition, with BUN, you will be able to mine and trade NFTs. BUN will also give rewards if used for staking or lending. 

NFT Bunny ready for debut

At the moment, NFT Bunny is not yet live. A small number of users are testing the platform. In January 2022, it will be open to the public. 

NFT Bunny will not be just a simple NFT marketplace, but it will be a complete space where artists, creators, and influencers can mine and sell their works but also meet their community, interact with it, and organize events and workshops in a metaverse that will be rich and evocative. 

Already official partners such as OVR, Prodea Group, and Hype.Art will contribute to the realization of this. 

In addition, the ease of use allows to include even those who are not familiar with the blockchain. In fact, it only takes a few clicks to mine NFTs without any special technical knowledge. Taking advantage of this, a famous brand such as Dondè Art Gallery will also make its debut in the NFT world, choosing NFT Bunny to create its first non-fungible token. 

The team has other news in store that will be announced soon in view of the official platform launch and the public sale of the BUN token. 

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