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Fashion and music NFT with Ralph Lauren, Ozzy Osbourne, and metaverse

NFTs on fashion and music seem to be increasing exponentially. A new metaverse that welcomes fashion shows and new brands such as Ralph Lauren with their avatar clothes, as well as singers’ collections that crown some moments of their concerts. 

Just like the case of former Heavy Metal singer, Ozzy Osbourne who is promoting his NFT Cryptobatz collection in honor of his 1982 concert when he allegedly bit the head off a bat. 

Ozzy Osbourne’s NFT Cryptobatz collection

Ozzy Osbourne, the famous former lead singer of the 1970-80s heavy metal band Black Sabbath, who went down in history for his alleged bite to the head of a bat on stage during the 1982 concert, is promoting his NFT Cryptobatz collection. 

“I’m launching a fucking NFT project. 9,666 unique bats designed by yours truly… go and follow @CryptoBatzNFT and read all about it below ????.”

Reportedly, each Cryptobat will give collectors a unique new NFT opportunity, that of birthing an additional NFT by activating a feature that will allow their purchase to “bite” and mutate with another NFT from their digital wallet.

This feature, called “MutantBatz,” will later allow owners to combine the attributes of two separate designs.

The collection was created by Osbourne himself with NFT studio Sutter Systems and will be available for purchase starting in the middle of next month. Presales are available now through CryptoBatz’s discord channel; an additional 2,500 guaranteed CryptoBat whitelist presale passes will be available exclusively through the same channel.

Ralph Lauren and Fashion Week enter the metaverse 

Ralph Lauren also seems to have entered the metaverse, opening its “Winter Escape” in its Roblox virtual store this December. 

With 47 million daily active users, Ralph Lauren has stocked its virtual stores, open 24/7 and accessible to anyone in the world in just a few clicks, with virtual anoraks, checkered caps, and other retro ski wear for the winter season, priced under $5.

A metaverse that, at the moment, does not yet welcome NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens like the one at Decentraland and UNDX, which, instead, announce to host Fashion Week. 

“Calling all designers, brands and fashionistas. Decentraland x @UNXD_NFT presents Metaverse Fashion Week.

A week of Catwalk shows, pop up shops, after parties and immersive experiences 24th – 27th March 2022 have your collections ready!”

Decentraland’s plan is that the show will allow users to view fashion in a virtual environment and purchase clothes for their avatars online.

UNXD and Decentraland: together for Metaverse Fashion Week 

UNXD is the luxury marketplace built on Polygon that last summer welcomed the 9 NFT collection called “Genesis,” inspired by Venice, from celebrated Italian fashion brand Dolce&Gabbana. The D&G NFT launch garnered approximately $5.65 million in one sale. 

Decentraland (MANA), built instead on Ethereum, has been compared by its own investors as that metaverse representing the Manhattan of the 1800s, all yet to blossom in fashion terms. 

Not by chance, the sentence pronounced by Lorne Sugarman, CEO of Metaverse Group, refers precisely to the Fashion District, the area on Decentraland where users can buy virtual clothes of real brands such as Ralph Lauren, Gucci, or Prada. 

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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