Penny Coin: The token that wants to go against the tide and help the world
Penny Coin: The token that wants to go against the tide and help the world

Penny Coin: The token that wants to go against the tide and help the world

By Crypto Advertising - 5 Jan 2022

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Crypto’s world is full of tokens and many of them, unfortunately, are just scams or projects without a real purpose. Penny Coin’s developers want to do something real, something better. With this idea Penny Coin has been born, a token that goes further on crypto’s world, it is not only about investments, but Penny Coin has real projects that might be ambitious, but they are real and feasible. 

“We believe that creating metaverse is fantastic, but we need to take care of the world we live in. As Penny Coin’s developers we want to build solutions that are helpful to people and animals, we aim to take action and to do something for those who needed the most” that’s how the Team express their goals”.

Penny Coin: the token, the team and the Community

Penny Coin is based in Switzerland, and it has been born after the developers where just small investors and had lived their first rug pull. They were shocked and sad to learn how easy it is to not care about people and just rob them. That’s why the three guys decided to build their own token, for themselves and for all the ones who put their hopes and dreams into crypto’s world. “Together we can do more!”

Penny Coin is in fact inspired by Kevin’s dog Penny who has been saved almost three years ago from the street. 

“Penny is an amazing dog, since I rescued her, she has been giving us so much love and gratefulness.”

Kevin, Francesco and Romina (Penny Coin’s developers) are determined, and they have created Penny Coin with the goal to reach and engage many people from all around the world. 

Imagine a token that can either give you profit through redistribution and at the same time it can pool resources to send to people, animals in need. 

There are different tokens built with charity ideologies, but many of them use direct payments of liquidity to charity associations. Penny Coin’s Team wants to do more than that, giving money is not always the best idea since some resources get lost or are used for other purposes. Most of the time, liquidity funds are used only partially to help those in need; Penny Coin aims to act directly by providing food, water, medicaments and the resources need to live. 

“Often donations are not all used for the purpose they have been pooled for. Penny Coin’s Community (called Woof Family) decides together how to use resources and to which organization to address help”. 

Penny Coin token
Penny Coin is a charity token

One example can be an animal’s shelter that need help to feed and take care of the animals living there. Penny Coin’s Community will activate itself and will provide blankets, food, medicaments directly on the spot. If it would be possible the Community will also help the shelter to adapt their infrastructure to animals’ needs. All the activities will be documented so that the whole Community is always up to date on the operations in name of Penny Coin. 

Penny Coin: yesterday, today and tomorrow

Penny Coin has been born almost one month ago, it got remarked in Switzerland and in Italy. In only one week it has created a community of almost 400 active members, and it has done and concluded its private presale. Only few tokens can do so much in so little time. 

Penny Coin is about to launch its public presale, which will start on January 5th, 2022. 

The public presale will give investors the possibility to gain a good investing position and to become part of the Community. 70% of the funds will remain blocked in order to guarantee investments’ security and to build trust on the project; the other 30% will be used for marketing purposes, for future listing on new exchanges and to implement the required step to make the project grow. 

Penny Coin’s Team is demonstrating huge credibility, and it is transmitting transparency and trust to all its Community. The Team is not acting just behind the scenes, but it is always active on the chat groups to give support and to provide information. 

“We listen, we speak, and we get involved with our Community. We get good ideas, and we have to chance to make the project stronger by working together with our Community. We are the developers of Penny Coin, but together we can do more and our Community is the real protagonist” 

Even if the Team is only at the beginning of their project, Penny Coin has already gained some associations’ trust and credibility. In fact, the associations named “I Run To You” is about to sing a partnership with Penny Coin. “I Run To You” is a sportive association with charity goals, through the years the association has built aqueducts in Morocco, schools in Africa and households for many families in Brazil. “I Run To You” continues its activities around the world and it has also different plans and projects for the future. 

Penny Coin seems to be ready to make the world talk about it and it seems determined to take its place in the world of crypto. You can find more information on Penny Coin’s website or on the official social channels on Telegram and Twitter. 

If you’re interested on buying Penny Coin at the public presale you can follow the link:


TELEGRAM (International Group):

TWITTER: @PennyCoinReal ,

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