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ETH price prediction: $7,600 in 2022

The latest Ethereum Price Predictions Report from Finder.com has been published with an interesting prediction for the price of ETH.

Finder.com’s prediction for the price of ETH

The report contains the average prediction made by 33 fintech specialists, including University of Brighton senior lecturer Paul Levy, Permission Chief Product Officer Vanessa Harris, and Panxora Group CEO Gavin Smith, on the price of ETH. 

A previous similar survey was conducted at the end of 2021, and at that time the forecast was much better than it is now. That is, the panel is now much more bearish, particularly on the long-term future of Ethereum. 

The average prediction for 2022 is now $7,609

Past predictions for 2021

The previous survey was made at the height of the bull run, in October 2021, and predicted an ETH price of 5,144 by the end of the year

Instead, the price at the end of 2021, after reaching $4,800 in the first ten days of November, has since fallen to the current $3,200. 

It has to be said that the $4,800 reached was not much less than the $5,400 predicted, but even so, predictions for the future are now decidedly less optimistic. 

In October, the panel predicted $15,364 by the end of 2025, and $50,788 by 2030, while now those predictions have shrunk to $10,810 by the end of 2025, and $26,338 by the end of 2030. The latter has practically halved. 

However, these long-term forecasts are a bit of a waste of time, while the more interesting ones are those for the medium term. 

Ethereum price
With PoS, Ethereum price can rise

Ethereum towards a doubling of the price?

For example, a price of $7,600 by the end of 2022 would mean that the value of ETH during this year would still more than double. 

In other words, the predictions of the Finder.com panel on the price of ETH remain very optimistic, albeit less so than they were four months ago. 

The panel’s sentiment towards ETH therefore remains strong, with over 80% of respondents having a neutral or positive outlook for its future. Only 19% assume a negative outlook. 

In particular, it is the move to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) that makes many experts optimistic about Ethereum, with 78% thinking that the move to PoS will have a positive impact on the price of ETH. 

It is worth mentioning, however, that no date has yet been set for this transition, and that it has been delayed several times in the past. 


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