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Matteo Mauro and Emanuele Dascanio launch De Metæverse NFT

Matteo Mauro and Emanuele Dascanio, two artists who have also become famous in the Crypto Art industry, are launching De Metæverse, an NFT artwork that merges the two artistic disciplines they are known for.

De Metæverse NFT will be auctioned on 10 February 2022 on SuperRare‘s platform

Matteo Mauro and Emanuele Dascanio and De Metæverse NFT artwork 

The two Italian artists Matteo Mauro and Emanuele Dascanio made the extraordinary decision to merge their arts with opposing painting techniques in a crypto artwork called De Metæverse, as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). 

Indeed, while Matteo Mauro is more of a modern and contemporary artist, with a more innovative and digital language, on the other side there is Emanuele Dascanio who uses more ancient and classical techniques, which give depth and expressiveness in the context of a hyperrealist poetics. 

The NFT artwork De Metæverse represents both of them, their Italian roots perhaps, but also their feeling of being citizens of the world since birth, pursuing a path of research for a personal expressive language that starts from the reinterpretation of classical art. 

De Metæverse NFT will be auctioned on 10 February 2022 at 10:00 AM (CET) on the SuperRare platform. 

De Metæverse NFT
De Metæverse NFT

Matteo Mauro and Emanuele Dascanio and their journey in the NFT sector

Both Matteo Mauro and Emanuele Dascanio have seen resounding individual success with their digital art in 2021. 

Matteo Mauro, who decided to jump into the emerging Non-Fungible Token market at the end of April 2021, with the decision to tokenize his collectors’ physical artworks with a few drops, has since seen an unexpected appreciation of his NFT artworks.  

In fact, from the first official NFT Art sold for 1 ETH (the equivalent of $2,700 at that time), he then saw a continuous appreciation of his works by Italian and international collectors, selling another NFT artwork of his in August 2021 for 7 ETH, marking a steady growth of his tokens. 

Hyperrealist Emanuele Dascanio, on the other hand, officially launched his first NFT on SuperRare in mid-June 2021, after being selected as one of Binance’s 100 creators. Dascanio went on to launch other NFT artworks including Fabrica Rerum, dedicated to quantum physics. 

Emanuele also recently sold his NFT entitled “Entanglement” to Poseidon Fund for 55k (20 ETH).

De Metæverse NFT: The two artists together

The crypto artwork Matteo Mauro and Emanuele Dascanio, De Metæverse NFT, features the following excerpt:

“In the beginning there was Chaos, a dark Vortex, source of vertigo and confusion; This darkness gave birth to Eurinome, beautiful Goddess of all things. Her first act was to divide the Sky from the Sea; she then began an elegant dance on the waves that produced the Creative Wind, whom fertilized and generated all art things from that moment on. The Metaverse is made of events not things”.

It is a black and white work, where shades make the difference. An art in which the lines are lost in a trompe l’oeil effect, reminding us of the importance of point of view, in art just like in real life. 

In the foreground, there is a young girl with a very intense gaze who seems to want to tell the spectator the secret hidden in the painting, namely that represented by a contamination of arts, in which chaos and order dominate at the same time. 

Matteo Mauro and Emanuele Dascanio are not the first time they have worked together on a major work. Together with two other artists, Giovanni Motta and Maciej Kuciara, the two authors of De Metæverse NFT have also collaborated to create unique NFT artworks dedicated to the history of the Lamborghini brand. 


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