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Notable: investing in people

Thanks to recent innovations in the fintech and cryptocurrency sectors, it is now possible to invest in virtually any type of asset. Notable will enable investing in people.

Growing tokenization

Concepts such as tokenization of real estate, equity crowdfunding, and DeFi were not even imaginable 20 years ago, but today they are a reality moving billions of dollars each year in trading volume. 

The success of these trends demonstrates that people like to invest, whether for purely speculative purposes or to support a cause they believe in. And although today you can easily invest in any type of asset (from real estate to luxury goods), there is still one asset that is almost completely unexplored: people and their “popularity.” How many times have you thought, “I love that artist, I find him very talented, and I wonder why so few people follow him today. I am convinced that in a few years he will become a world-famous star!” and you were right? What if there was a way to actually “invest” in that person, supporting him financially and making a profit if you “bet” on the right artist? 

Notable was born just for this: to lay the foundations, thanks to the benefits of blockchain technology and especially of NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens), of a new market, based on the popularity and influence of people. 

How Notable works

It will be an NFT marketplace, a website where you can create, sell and exchange Non-Fungible Tokens, but focused on a particular type of asset that we call “experience NFT” (eNFT). These are tokens linked to an experience (physical or digital); a classic example would be an NFT that entitles the owner to redeem a dinner with his favorite artist. 

Once purchased the token, the user will be able to redeem the experience behind it, but the use case that fascinates us the most is the medium-long term investment. In fact, the owner of an eNFT will be free to never live their experience and keep the token on the platform or in their personal wallet. If, after a certain period, the artist’s popularity grows, in all likelihood, his circulating NFTs will increase in value, and the buyer will be able to resell them for a profit. 

On the other hand, Notable will give creators not only a new tool to connect more with their fanbase but also an additional source of recurring revenue. A peculiar feature of NFT is, in fact, the royalty on each exchange of the asset itself: the creator will not only earn at the time of the launch on the market but for each future transaction between users will be entitled to a percentage of the proceeds. It is not difficult to imagine that for tokens with a significant exchange value, this source of income can easily exceed in a short time the revenue made in the auction or the initial launch. 

Notable launched in December

The Project

Last December saw the project’s launch, which after three rounds of investment concluded with the IDO (Initial Decentralized Offer) and the simultaneous listing on PancakeSwap of their utility token, NBL. The project is currently under development, and the platform is scheduled for release, as per the Roadmap, in the second quarter of 2022. From a technical standpoint, the project and token are currently integrated with the Binance Smart Chain, though integrations with other major chains, including Ethereum and Solana, are in this year’s plan. 

Already numerous creators (over 50) have shown interest in creating experiential NFTs as soon as the platform is released, driven by the potential (both economic and image) that the world of NFTs can provide. 

Although it is a company based in Dubai, one of the global hubs of interest for the world of cryptocurrencies, the founding team is very Italian and is composed of:

– Luca De Zordo, CEO 

– Giacomo Voltolina, CTO 

– Riccardo Caneve, COO 

– Nicu Bosca, CMO 

– Riccardo Barcolari 

All guys who, despite their young age, can already boast over six years of experience in the field and several projects started in Italy and abroad. 

Despite the project’s only 3 months of life, Notable can already boast great partnerships and collaborations in the crypto sector (BakerySwap and PolkaEx) and with influencers known in the Italian scene and beyond. A few days ago was also released the full version of their interview with the famous entrepreneur Marco Montemagno. 

Here are all the official channels where you can stay updated on the project: 


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