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Italy: one investor in 6 is interested in crypto

According to a report by XTB, one of the world’s largest publicly traded FX and CFD brokers, one in six investors in Italy has decided to invest in crypto.

The profile of these users for XTB is clear: they are aged 34, make an average of 5 crypto CFD transactions per year, use the mobile app to trade, with an average contract duration of 3 days and 21 hours and in the vast majority of cases are men. 

But women are also present and the largest percentages of female investors in Europe are in Italy (7.3%), Portugal (10%) and Romania (12%). 

This data was identified from among 120,000 active users in 13 countries, including Italy, by XTB engineers.

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Percentage of female investors out of all investors by country
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Top 3 cryptocurrencies in 2021

The XTB report goes even further in its analysis, explaining that crypto investors prefer Ethereum out of all the many cryptocurrencies in the world. 

A third of active investors in 2021 made at least one crypto transaction. This percentage is highest in the Czech Republic (41.2%), Spain (37.7%), Portugal (36.3%) and Germany (28.7%) and lowest in Italy (15.2%). 

Mobile applications are also the most popular among XTB investors (67.2%), perhaps due to the fact that cryptocurrency trading is a 24/7 market, as opposed to the stock market.

XTB, results achieved in 2021

XTB in 2021 marked a record year for the customer base to which more than 189,000 new entries were added for a total of 429 thousand users. 

CFD trading volumes also grew from 3.2mln to 4.1mln lots (+29.3% YoY) and the value of deposits increased from €425mln in 2020 to €637.8mln in 2021 (+49.6%). 

The company recently presented its preliminary results for 2021, showing that it closed the year with a net profit of €52 million, consolidated revenues of €136.7 million and operating costs of €76.2 million. 

Specifically, in terms of revenues by instrument class, commodity CFDs were the best performer in 2021 with a share that reached 49.3% compared to 33.0% the previous year. The second most profitable asset class for XTB was index-based CFDs whose share in 2021 reached 32.8%.

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