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The benefits of augmented reality in the NFT world

According to the Atelier BNP Paribas quarterly report, the NFT market is in an exponential growth phase exceeding a value of $2 billion and it is estimated that the true potential of NFTs will be developed through AR technology in the metaverse which will enrich their economic value.

NFTs, as we know, have become very popular in so many sectors and, according to this research by BNP Paribas, in order to get the most out of the experience of these products, augmented reality is also brought into play which enhances the experience of the user buying NFTs making it unique.

“NFTs that implement augmented reality offer the ability to visualize digital objects in the surrounding environment, making them easier to use and therefore easier to buy and sell. This combination allows people to interact with their virtual property creating an even more immersive and unique experience”,

explained Mattia Salvi, CEO of AR marketing platform Aryel.

NFTs with augmented reality become a luxury good 

In addition to giving NFTs a more physical appearance, AR can provide users with different rights and privileges, as companies and artists can establish more and more interesting agreements and partnerships.

It is now clear that the intersection of NFTs and augmented reality allows owners to enjoy immersive experiences that can therefore increase the value itself.

In fact, beyond the experience, we are also talking about investments on an economic level.

“NFTs and augmented reality create a new way of making investments precisely because they increase the value of the experience and the digital object even more. In a market with over 5.3 million sales to date, buying AR-enabled NFTs is a new way of making truly profitable investments”

explains Mattia Salvi

Who is using NFTs with augmented reality 

More and more artists and companies are trying to combine art with AR technology.

The world of art is probably one of the most popular fields for NFTs in AR, and of particular interest are digital lenses that allow users to visualize unique works of art digitally.

In the world of video games and fashion, NFTs have also seen interesting use cases.

For example, the collaboration between Gucci and Wanna is interesting, as they presented a model of virtual trainers, the Gucci Virtual 22, which are designed to be exhibited in the gaming world and in the metaverse of Decentraland.


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